Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week Two

Wednesday-We woke up at 5:30 so we could get our laundry done super quick. We went to the Provo temple and did an endowment session. It is cool to see all these temples! The Provo temple is huge and it has a lot of floors. We got lost a couple times. After the temple, we went to Brigham's Landing and ate a burger! It was so good! Fry sauce is the best. Texas is definitely missing out. After our burger, we had a class. What hit me most was how much Jesus Christ truly loves us. Our parents love us more than anyone in the world but Jesus loves us MORE than that. Mind blown. Jesus loves hearing from us and he is so proud of the 80,000 something missionaries out in the world that are serving him 24/7 and progressing the work he started about 2,000 years ago. Thursday- Today was awesome. We had service at 5:45 but with my morning person attitude, it was actually really fun. We just went around to the building and replaced toilet paper, cleaned toilets, and cleaned all the door knobs. Gym time is the best 45 minutes ever. It was really cold but four square never fails to get my blood pumping. We taught our last lesson to our investigator to Francisco because we "baptized" him. We asked for a picture with him since we wouldn't see him again. He told us that we didn't need a pictures because we would see him tomorrow. Long story short, he is now our teacher. Francisco's real name is Hermano Brad Mead. I also got a couple letters and a package today. They never fail to brighten my day. When we went back to the apartment at 10, the whole district was in my apartment. We had someone knock on the door. Thinking it was our zone leaders coming for their usual goodnight hugs, I yelled, "NO ONE IS HOME" just to mess with them. Then Elder Brown looked through the peep hole and saw one of the members of the Branch Presidency standing outside. Luckily, he was really cool about it and he didn't know it was me. Friday- Today flew by. We basically studied all day. We had classes with Hermana Steward and Hermano Mead. They are both so amazing. They will be our new investigators starting Monday. Saturday- Today we had a lot of moments that helped us bond with the Elders in our district. I also got my tenth punto (point) in Hermana Stewards class today. I set a new record for the fastest time to get all ten points. Being who I am, I had to break at least one record at the MTC. We get puntos for being able to answer certain questions, or calling her out on mistakes in her grammar or something along those lines. As a reward, we get to pick out a dessert or something. I chose ice cream sundaes with CAFFEINATED Dr. Pepper. These people in Utah don't believe in caffeine and it drives me crazy. They don't know what's good for them (to an extent). Sunday- Today started off bad because I didn't feel very good. I didn't have to talk today in sacrament meeting so that was a plus. After sacrament meeting, Elder Baggett, Orme, Naea and I went to go find a piano in the church. We started singing some hymns and after two hours of singing, we decided we are going to try out to sing in the devotionals in front of the whole MTC. We also joined the choir that sings in all the devotionals. Monday- Today was really good. We taught our new investigator, Marisol. The lesson went really well. We didn't go in with any notes and we sure benefited from that. We taught her the first lesson (which is really impressive for a week and a half in) and she really liked the message. I felt like we needed to relate it more to her though. The person that observed our lesson was really impressed with my Spanish as well as Elder Baggett's Spanish. Tuesday- Today was the best day here yet. We had early morning study and then early gym time. We taught a new investigator named Mario. Again, we went in with absolutely nothing but our Santa Biblia and our Libro de Mormon. We had another amazing experience and we were able to teach Mario about how God loves us and about families for 30 minutes. It was amazing. We really connected with him. I also memorized Joseph Smith's account of the first vision en Espanol. It is ridiculously powerful. We also had an evening devotional. Elder Robbins from the Seventy spoke. He had a lot of cool stories about how Heavenly Father will help missionaries find people and help them come closer to Jesus Christ. My favorite quote was "Success is going from failure to failure without losing any enthusiasm." This is so true especially in missionary work. We also had a district leave to their mission today so they had a testimony meeting. It was super powerful. They are headed to serve in Argentina. They also changed the dress code here to "winter dress" which essentially means we have to wear a suit coat everywhere we go. Lucky for all the missionaries serving in South America, we only have one suit and two matching pair of slacks. So that night, I packed up the rest of my slacks because I can't wear anything but my suit! I sure hope it holds up for a while! THATS MY WEEK! It seemed like time flew by this week! I am having a great time and I feel like I can talk very well in Spanish. It is so cool how much Heavenly Father blesses his missionaries.

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