Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 28 - April 26, 2014

Sat Apr 19. Today we started with a super fun futbol game. Then, since we are tired of taking the APs from their house to their area every day, we made them move on our Pday. Then we bought bizcochos and Fagar that we found in Cerro! We went to the beach with the APs and we all talked about our honey moons. Then we went and toured this museum and japanese gardens. We spent the whole pday with the APs, which was super fun. I made lunch/temple then we emailed. We planned and then set up residency tickets. Then we went to cerro and brought tickets at 3 Cruces.
Sun Apr 20. EASTER! Literally the only reason I knew it was easter because my bishop said happy eater to us. There were no talks or classes in church, no easter egg hunts, pretty spring colors, NADA! After church we had lunch with this lady that was super nice but a super nervous personality. She lives alone in a TINY house and she had 6 missionaries over to eat. She didnt stop talking for 5 seconds I dont think for the whole time we were there. It was a super fun lunch though. We worked in the offices for a while, then we talked to the financers about getting out of our house. I dont think it will work though. Then we contacted for the rest of the night. We even contacted 2 references we received from the Choque de Fuerza that we had, but they didnt turn out well. Then elder Woods decided he wanted to go contact these kids by playing basketball. I wasnt a big fan of the idea because they had zero interest, and it didnt work out. Then we moved some more furniture to the APs new house in their area FINALLY.
Mon Apr 21. Today was a nice Monday. We met with President and a man who is in charge of statistics of the two missions in Uruguay. It was a really good meeting and we learned a lot of important things about baptismal records. Then Elder Woods and I went to 3C to take the passports to the missionaries signing residency. We had to take two elders to the residency place by ourselves because they were late because they forgot.... I made a new format for the announcements that we do every week in the bolsa. Then we prepped and did a pretty small bolsa run! We sang hymns all the way to 3C together. It was super fun. We also had to buy a couple tickets for Hermana Aragao and Fullmer to come down because Hermana Aragao got bit by a dog on her hand and its swollen. We had milkshake monday afterwards!
Tues Apr 22. I liked today! WE had our district meeting and song prep for stake conference. Then we came back to the offices to find the internet SHOT. I decided we should pray and then clean the offices. Thats what we did. We cleaned for a couple hours until we finally got a hold of the bishop, who came and fixed the internet. We cleaned the whole offices and they look great now. Later we had a lesson with Tania, who just got baptized recently. She is a great example to her active family members and wants to progress even more! We then went to the less active Salas family. We had the best lesson we have had with them yet. Everyone in the whole house came to listen and it went really well. Then we went to Oeste 10 and helped Elder Owen and Elder Finlay move to their new house. We got home at 11:15.
Wed Apr 23. Today we had interviews for the Oeste and Flores zones. We decided we would wake up early to be able to excercise, but I ended up being the only one that excercised. We went to cerro and brought the APs to the interviews. The interviews were amazing. President Smith is such a stud and I learn so much from him every time he talks. The APs had time to teach also. They did the activities that they did in the last concilio, so I had already seen them! Then we had a lesson practice. Elder Woods and I were able to teach. I thought it went pretty well, and we got great feedback to be able to learn off of! We taught the plan of salvation. We worked on the bolsas, plans for tomorrow, and bought some more bus tickets. It was a pretty good day! I wish we could listen to President teach more because he is such an awesome teacher! We didnt have enought time for the office elder interviews, so we will have them another day soon.
Thur Apr 24. Today after studies we went to 3C to look for clothes for Hermana Aragao and Fullmer, who had to have the missionaries in Paysandu send more to them, because they will have an unexpectedly longer stay. The clothes ended up not being there yet. We went to Carrasco to drop the mail off, and we talked to Hermana Smith for a while. Later in the day we had a lesson set with Shirley Devita, a psychologist who is inactive. She actually wasnt there, so we went back to the offices and worked a bit. Later we had to pick up Elder Eiker from 3C, as well as the bag of clothes for the two hermanas. We took the clothes to the pugmire couples house. Their house was right on the rambla, which is the highway right along the beach. SUPER COOL HOUSE! We went back to the offices to study for the lesson with the Salas family. Elder Eiker had served in our area, and his first convert was one of the Salas sisters! We went to their house and they were SUPER excited to see Elder Eiker! We ended up having a GREAT lesson with them! We taught in a trio, but it went really well and balanced!!! We talked about the church being the way to salvation. On our way back from the lesson, Elder Eiker talked us into stopping at a chorizo sandwich vender on the side of the street. We bought some, and they were BOMB for just three dollars each! We took Elder Eiker to the financers house to sleep, and then we went home. Later that night, Elder Baggett called and I talked to him for a while! What a stud! I love that kid.

Fri Apr 25. Today was somewhat crazy. We went to interviews with President. I made brownies while we were waiting for Elder Woods, then I had my interview. President told me a lot of great things that I will write in another journal. He talked about his respect that he and his family all have for me, what I will do to fix things in the offices, and maybe my potential companion. I was super humbled by everything that President said to me. When I came out, Hermana Smith had lunch ready for me, and then after lunch, I made brownies! They werent finished baking by the time we left, but it was alright! I GOT TO LICK THE BOWL! Permission given by Hermana Smith. Then we went to the aduana, the customs offices to get out packages. We had a super nice lady that literally gave us the packages without paying or even looking why they got stopped! MIRACLE! I got my easter package too! Then we had singing practice for the zone. The missionaries of our zone will sing put your shoulder to the wheel for stake conference this weekend. Then we picked up Hermana Beatie and had to help Hermana Fullmer and Aragao get to 3C. After that, we had futbol with our ward. It was a bunch of street guys that came, and they definitely did not speak spanish! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

April 19, 2014 - Week 27

Sat Apr 12. Today we slept at the oeste 5 house where weused to live. I slept on the ouchWe woke up at 5:30 toplay soccer. We had our studies and then slept for the firstwhile of our pdayThen we went to burger King but I feltabsolutely disgusting afterThen we emailedwent to getice cream, and hung out at the officesWe had to go to 3Cto get tickets. Then we met with the Salas familyTheywere super coolTwo ladies. Daughter and mom with acouple kidsIt had been raining all day and we didnt havecoats or umbrellasOn our way there and home, the windwas blowing like crazywith cold rain. The rain wasblowing so hard that we had branches and leaves hit uswhen we walked.
Sat Apr 13. Today was alrightWe had a good dat atchurch and fast and testimony meetingWe had a meetingwith bishop for more people to visit and our follow up forlast weeks visits. I really like the bishopWe were givenpizza for lunch. Then we had to bring the financers to theoffices laterWe looked up all the peoples names in theWard directory to see who is in our area and who is in theother areaThen we read and contacted ex investigatorsfrom the area bookThis was all part of our giant planningsessionThen we came home and killed TONS ofcockroaches.
Mon Abr 14. Today was a pretty good dayWe hadpersonal studythen went to the offices, I helped with thebolsas, and then I went to Disco to buy a computer mousewith Elder Brown. Then I went to Carrasco with Elder Brown to do a bunch of things for the offices and theSmithsWe brought home a ton of easter packages for allof the zoneWe worked in the offices until President gothome from travels with his family. He told Elder Woods and I to come overWe helped him figure out the changeshe didthen we had dinner with President and Hermana Smith, as well as Jerry and all five of their daughtersItwas super fun and we ate some great foodThen we saidbye to Audrey, then had our companionship studyWewent to a FHE with the Betancour family, and we taughtthe restorationIt went really wellSmooth and they gavesome great input. Then we did the biggest bolsa run that Ihave been a part of. We took two cars and they wereFULL! It took two rounds and we got home at 11:30.
Tues Abr 15. Today was a pretty crazy secretary dayWehad to run to 3C in the morning to buy tickets. ElderGutierrez was at the offices when we got back, and he hadto go to Paysandu, so we told him to go home and pack hisbags. We stayed at the district meeting for 10 minutewsand then we took Elder Gutierrez to catch his bus toPaysanduWe made it back for the last 30 min of districtmeetingWe were stuck in the offices because thefinancers had the car. We answered like 5 calls frommissionaries and house owners who were mad that theyhadnt been paid. Elder Larson came by, and he alwaysmakes my day. Great guy. He didnt have reembolsos, so he did his own because he was an ex financerWe had alesson later with the Salas familyWe were really straightup about why count they go to churchWe shared a storyfrom John 6 and it was really goodThey were reallyreceptive and I hope they complete their promise to go tochurch this weekThen we picked up Elder Finlay and Elder Owen and took them to their new area which isOeste 10. Then we took the APs to their houseOne otherthing is Hermana Aragaowho just recently came fromBrazil, just got bit by a dogShe was at the hospital, butbecause she is so new, her name wasnt on the list that thehospital had. I got a call from Hermana Fullmer askingwhat to do. I told her I would just have to talk to the ladyto let her know that Hermana Aragao is a part of ourmission. I was joking with Hermana Fullmer and tellingher that I didnt think I could talk to herShe ended upgiving me a pep talk that made me crack up. I talked to thelady at the hospital and it was no a big deal and HermanaAragao was able to get treated!
Wed Abr 16. Today was crazy. W eran from the offices, 3C, and other places. We picked up packageshad to getplaques twice, and went to the distribution center. We hadabsolutely nothing but junk for food todayWe had cereal and cookies all day until 9pm. We had chicken that amember brought usWe had a lesson about focusing ongood things in life with the Varela familyWe had aninteresting storyThis is the holy week and people aretraveling everywhere. I tried to find a hotel for President,with no luck for an hour. He had let me know that heneeded a hotel during the busiest week of the year here,within 3 days. I was freaking out because I could not finda hotel. I found the last room of the hotel, when I calledthe 18th hotel in Colonia. I was so relieved to find itIt allended up well.
Thur Abr 17. Today was another crazy and stressful day.We worked in the offices until lunch, doing bus tickets andupdating calendars. President then called us and told us wewere going to have a meeting at 2. We scarfed downlunch, and then we drove to get the financers, and the APsworking in their areasWe were 40 minutes late.Hopefully this wont happen when I am senior compThatis my goal anyways. In our meeting with President, hedropped the cane in a really nice way. He is really good atthatWe were having a Choque de Fuerza in our area,where all the missionaries go to our Ward and work for acouple hoursUnfortunatelywe were with President andwe couldnt make itWe went to 3C and bought more tickets, gota ll the bolsas, and got denied trying to send asuitcase to an Elder that went home early because of hishealthThen we had a quick study and went to a lessonwith the Salas familyWe had a decent lessonwe justshared a scriptureThen we had to take the APs and twocorto plazos home. We got home at 11:30.
Fri Abr 18. Today was less stressful.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 26 - April 12, 2014

Spiritual Lessons and Conference Thoughts
have been studying my study journal a lot that I have taken to meetings and otheractivities. I have a couple things I want to mention to you all.
¿Qué es lo que tú deseas? What do you desire? We talked about this in Concilio. This is found in 1st Nephi I think around chapter 11. This is when theangel asked Nephi what he desired. At this moment in time,  Nephi wanted toknow the interpretation of the dream of the tree of lifethat his father Lehi had.We thought a lot more about it and broke  it down.  Another statement was fromGeneral Conference when Russell M. Nelson said ´Where is our faith?´ Is ourfaith in celebritiesteamspeopleor thingsThe other story is when OliverCowdery wanted to take his family the scriptures to show them how great and true it all was. Oliver asked the Lord and the Lord said no. The second time, hereceived the same answer. No. The last time, the Lord said yes, because of hispersistence. As we knowthese scriptures are now lost because there were takenfrom himThe point of these stories is to teach that we need to desire goodthingsbut not only thatwe need to try and find out what the Lords desires are.If we can find out what the Lord wantswe can make them our desiresThe goalis trying to make the Lords desires and our desires the same.
See itOwn itSolve it. Do itThis is one of the things that President Smith hastaught usthat he has written in his New York Times best selling bookWhen wehave problemswe need to see itWhats the problemOwn itWhat can I do totake control and do my best to change itSolve itFind the best way to solve theproblem. Do it. Do all in your power, do be able to do what you think should bedone.
Jeffrey RHollandSaturday morning, I believe that Jeffrey R. Holland said asentence that was more powerful than anything else during general conference. He said, ´I am more certain that this church is true more than I know that I amstanding here in front of you today.´  
Obedience. I have learned a lot about obedience in the mission. I honestly havetestimony about obedience. I have seen the difference of my energy the nextdayEven if I go to say my prayers at 10:32, two minutes late, I feel way moretired the next dayAs a missionaryyou are constantly thinking about goodthings and trying to help othersYou can literally feel the spirit leave if it does. Ilove being able to be an example of Jesus Christ at ALL TIMES in EVERYTHING that we do. Robert D. Hales said that obeying and willinglyobeying are different. I have seen that a lotWe sometimes keep rules justbecause we know we shouldbut not because we really want toIts cool to thinkabout that. Elder Hales also said that you lead by exampleObedience is taughtby example. I have definitely seen all the leaders in the mission do thisJust leadby example. I have learned a lot from Elder Bullochone of my ZLs in Colonia.Everything he didwas almost perfect. He always smiledWalked with purpose.Always testifiedAbsolute stud. I also learned a lot from the APs while beinghere in the office. They have shown their fun and goofy sides with us tooTheyare always super fun to be aroundbut they never get out of control or forgettheir purpose. Great examples of humility too.
Service. Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf said that there are UNLIMITED opportunitiesto serveIsnt that crazy to think aboutThe natural man always wants to seekprideThe greatest leaders I have seen and met in the mission and in life, dothings selflesslyThey dont worry about pride or the gloryThey do it becauseits the right thing to do. Our savior was chosen to come to this world, and toldthe Father that the glory be thineAnother cool quote from President Uchtdorfwas ´will web e able tos ay we rolled up our sleeves and worked with all ourheart might mind and strength?´ There are UNLIMITED opportunities to serve, so there are NO EXCUSES. I think about boot camp in football off seasonWeonly had three answers when coaches said something to us. Yes sir, no sir, or no excuse sir. I have tried to apply that with President Smith tooI try and alwaysdo the best that I can and do it fastest I can, with absolutely no excuses. Putothers interests before your own. I have had the chance to really practice that onthe missionWe have to really listen and think about what the people we serveneedLast quote from President Uchtdorf is, ´Being a disciple of Christi s aneffort for once and for all
Other great quotes from General Conference:
Are you the same person wherever you are, whenever it may be?´- President Thomas S. Monson
NEEDED is the courage of men like Daniel, Nephi, Joseph Smith, and Abinidi (I forget how to spell that name in English). –President Thomas S. Monson
The apostles didnt quit after Jesus diedthey worked hard becuase of theirtestimonies, and then they changed the world.  - Dieter F Uchtdorf
There are no endingsjust everlasting beginnings. – Dieter F Uchtdorf
No great how your message isyou will still need consistant and persistantfollow up. – M Russell Ballard
I am a competitor and I will do my bestbut I want my competitors to dotheir best too!
Bearing a load is an essential part of the plan of happiness. – David ABednar
Perhaps you may forget the kind words you say todaybut the recipient maycherish those words for a lifetime. – President Thomas S. Monson
Of all the titles our Heavenly Father could use, he chose the name Father. –Boyd K. Packer
Always be ready to receive that gente tug from the Spirit. – L. Tom Perry
Obedience is a choice. – L. Tom Perry
Christs reign over death solved the human predicamentNow there are onlypersonal predicaments. – D. Todd Christofferson

Weekly Journaling:
Sat Abr 5. Today we woke up at 4:30 to go pick up the Elder who came down from Rivera. I got a phone call at 11:30 from Elder Arbon the night before letting me know we needed to go. We got there at 5, and waited for his bus until 6. Then we went top lay soccer. It was almost all the gringos with all the latinos, plus 2 gringos. It was sprinkling rain so it felt great. We worked as a team and once again beat the latinos, who are just skilled single man teams. Then we printed emails, got home to get clean, then we went to the offices and worked until conference started. I LOVED general conference! We watched it as North American missionaries in the offices. I took a bunch of notes and it was amazing how much I was able to learn and pick up. We wrote our families in between sessions. Then we confirmed the Elders flight home, and studied conference notes while Elder Woods did baptismal records.
Sun Abr 6. Today we woke up and took  the Elder to the airport. We came back to the offices and then we watched priesthood session of conference. I loved priesthood conference and felt like I got the answer to the question that I came into conference with. After that, we ate lunch and then reviewed precious talks. Then we watched the Sunday morning session. Then we snacked and chatted until the 2nd session. After the 2nd session, we talked with the members from the stake. I went back into the offices and found myself an email from my brother asking if I would fill out his Eagle scout recommendation. I almost cried when I read what he wrote to me. I told Elder Brown what happened and then a couple moments later, he turned around with tears in his eyes. He said he was thinking about his brother, who had given him his mentor pin when he got his Eagle. We both shared  a special Little moment, tears, and a hug. After I finished the recommendation, We had our weekly planning. We did that until it was time to go home.
Mon Apr 7. Today was pretty good and almost normal. We had our personal studies, then we picked up the APs, and drove to Presidents house. We had a meeting with President. The meeting was a lot of feedback from the last change and how we can do better next change. Hermana Smith set out things for us to make paninis. They were amazing sándwiches. We finished the meeting at 2 and then worked in the offices. We finished the meetings at 2 and then we worked in the offices. We had to do a lot of the bolsa prep because the Hatchs were learning and not super fast. We got the car washed, finished the bolsa prep, and headed to 3 cruces. We had to buy some tickets for special changes that President is doing tomorrow, and we happily enjoyed Milkshake Monday.
Tues Apr 8. Today is Calebs birthday! We woke up and went to Presidents hosue. We had two Brazilians come in today from the MTC. We got them from the airport with President, then took them to the mission home for a while. We left and took the 2 oros to 3C to stay and do divisions with some of the missionaries in our zone. We went out and got Elder Nuñez from Cerro, took him to his house in Oeste 10, let him pack, and drove to district meeting. We were only there for a Little bit, then we took the Brazilians to 3C so they could go to their areas. We worked in the offices until 5:30, and then we took Eklder Nuñez to 3C. He had to leave at 7:30 because we barely missed his bus, because of the traffic. We then stayed until 7:45 until Elder Gutierrez got there, then we all waited 30 more minutes until Elder Owen arrived. Then we took them to the Oeste 10 house so they can work there this week. Then we came home. Elder Woods started to cut my hair, then the Peruvian, Elder Sipan took over, with just scissors. The APs called us so we could go find them. I asked Elder Woods to go with Elder Santos da Silva but he wanted to sleep until I was done. He told me that the APs could wait. I wasnt too happy about that. Then I got out of the chair after Elder Sipan said he was done. I looked in the mirror and I almost wanted to cry at the first sight of the mohawk that I had. Literally a mohawk. I just decided to wash my hair, and then we went to pick up the APs. They had us stop at McDonalds because they were hungry, and we got to bed around 11:45.
Wed Apr 9. I woke up today and immediately cut my own hair so I would look alright. It does look better now. We had our personal study, and I restarted the BoM with a new scripture marking strategy. After the study, we went to take the APs to their area. Then we prepped things for our errands. First, we went to Asunción to pick up packages. Then we went to the aduana (customs) and got treated very poorly by this older lady. Then we went to get plaques and order some for ourselves. Then we went to pick up all the BoM orders at the distribution center. We literally filled Hermana Smiths car. Oh yeah, I have been driving Hermana Smiths car all day, because their family is coming in and they need the van. We finally ate lunch at 3:30, our first food for the day. Then we worked in the offices until 7:40 when we went to a birthday dinner for Elder Santos da Silva. We played a cool math game and ate tortas and cake. Then we took the APs back and got to bed at 11:30.
Thurs Apr 10. Today was pretty good. We had our preparación, we were about to start our studies, then the financers called us. We ended up going up to Carrasco to drop off mail and get more offices supplies. We worked in the offices until lunch. We went to a members house. He was older, super nice, and lunch wasnt bad. We worked in the offices until 5, I worked on hotels, flights, and reserving other things for the fieles and oros. Then we bought tickets and bolsas from 3C. Then we contacted some less active members and visited the familia Varela. We learned more about them and more why they dont go to church. Then we went to Cerro to get the APs, but they then told us they were in Flores, so we went home. I was in a great mood today!

Fri Apr 11. Today was pretty good! We studied, then we had BIZCOCHO VIERNES. Its a great start to the day. Bizcochos are awesome too. Yall are missing out in the states. I Then we worked in the offices. I am super ahead of the game with all my jobs. I work pretty hard and diligently now. I am already done with things I should start next week. We had milanesas from a member at lunch. Then we worked in the offices until 4, then we went to get plaques. Again, we went and got shut down because they hadnt done them. We come so often that they dont make us a priority, even if they say they will be done.