Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week 24 - March 29, 2014

Sat Mar 22. Today was a wonderful day! We had soccer w the APs in the morning. I had all my studies in Spanish after that! Its pretty cool that I can study in spanish now and get something out of it. Then we went to play soccer with the officinistas from the other mission. We had 3 teams of 4 and we won almost all of our games. Our team, made up of our missions office elders, did really well, considering none of us play soccer. After that, we went to buy office ties. Then we had lunch with Mary. I weighed 166 lbs. We emailed and hung out at the office until Ursulas baptism. Ursulas baptism went great. Joaquin, a friend of hers that is 17 baptized her. Ursula gave the most sincere testimony ever. I loved how the full room sang I know that my Redeemer lives. It was super powerful with some wet eyes. Then we did changes until 9:30 and then had a snack with the Binghams. I also found out Tyler Opfar will be serving in Argentina and speaking Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!
Sun Mar 23. Today was insane. We had our last day in church before moving areas. It went well. I was able to confirm Ursula as a member of the church and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a great experience that I know I wont ever forget. We worked on changes until we had a lesson at 6 wth Valkyria. She was awesome and we talked about sharing the gospel. She is 29, single, with a daughter. It seemed like she was our age though. She was super cool! She also told us that we are the first missionaries to visit her almost since her baptism, 9 years ago. After the lesson, we worked on changes until 2:00 am. YES in the morning. We went to sleep on the couches in the offices.
Mon Mar 24. At 6:30, SALTÈ de la cama! We got dressed, and went back to work on changes. I did that until 10, then I started working on the numbers. Numbers went very smooth and easy. I think it is because I am working to progress and better the excel sheets. We ordered pizza for lunch. I finished off changes and then at 4 we had to go pick up E Brewer. He had to go home because he is sick. After that, I worked with Elder Lamb. Since he is leaving to Cerro, we visited a bunch of families to take pictures. After that, E Woods and I went to 3 Cruces to buy tickets for the changes. I bought agencia central tickets while E Woods bought the Turil tickets. We knocked them all out in an hour. We finally got in bed just after 12.
Tues Mar 25. Today was ORO DAY. We got the new missionaries coming from the MTC. We got ready and went straight to the mission home. We bought office ties to weaar on the change days so that was super fun. We helped set up some things at the mission home, then we headed to the airport. My job at the airport was to take pictures of all the oros and get their contact information if we ever need to contact their parents. At 9:30, we got back to the mission home and took more pictures, and ate breakfast. We had eggs with Yiogurt and biscochos. We had to go back to 3C to make sure everyone was there and set. We worked in the offices until 8 and then we had mutual. We played vball. Then we dropped E lamb off at his house in Cerro, then we got back to 3C to help the ZLs. We got to bed around 11:30.

Wed. Mar 26. Today we got ready, dropped passports off at the mission home. Then we went to get E Brown from 3C. We stayed there for a while to help all the missionaries there. Then we took E Brown to Carrasco to meet to meet his comp. We went and dropped E Browns suitcases off at the offices and worked until 12. We went to lunch in carrasco, and then helped the oros get ready to go to 3C to get on their buses. After that, I worked on concilio for two hours. Then we bought colonia tickets. We came back to the offices, did the bolsa prep, and the bolsa run. We picked up E Teloma and E Almaral at 3C, we got home at 11:30.

Thur Mar 27. Today was pretty lame. We packed in the morning to go to our new house in 18 but we didnt get to go yet. I worked on organizing things for concilio until we went to buy tickets. After that, we worked in the offices all day. I did the updates from changes on a bunch off things, and then I worked on the planes for the missionaries going home this change.

Fri Mar 28. Today I got up, got ready, and went to concilio. Concilio is a meeting with all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, the APs, and some district leaders. We had breakfast, then a meeting about desires, the Lords desires, and working with members. We had meetings until lunch and dinner. After dinner, we just all talked for a while. Really, I absolutely loved concilio. All of the studs in the mission were there. Almost all of them are halfway done or more with their mission. I felt like a little kid here. President came up to me afterwards and thanked me for all my input and told me that I fit right in with all the rest of them. I loved getting to know all the people that I hear about all the time, and talk to over the phone all the time. It was super cool to be able to be there. I learned a lot too! I was happy to be able to go with Elder Brown too. After that, we got all the bolsas, and then went home. We fell asleep around 12 again. 

Dear Brother and Sister Cordy ,

Your son,  Elder Cordy , has been called to work in the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission Office.

Your son's call to serve in the mission office is an indication of his effectiveness as a missionary and his ability to take on new responsibilities.  Elder Cordy will have a variety of responsibilities in the office, including recording statistical information and assisting in other areas in the office.

Along with his duties as an office missionary he will continue to be responsible for finding and teaching, and being an effective missionary.  You can be proud of your missionary's strength and leadership.  These new responsibilities will help prepare him for future service in the church.

We love and appreciate your son and appreciate your sacrifice in sharing him with us.  Our desire is that all of our missionaries find joy in the Lord's service.

May the Lord continue to bless you.

President Thomas A. Smith
Uruguay Montevideo West Mission

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