Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 77 - April 13, 2015

This week was a building week. I was sick for most of the weeks. I have had that seasonal coughing and bronchitis type sickness that I used to get around lacrosse season. I literally lost my voice for about 5 days. Two of them I could whisper and that was it. That was rough as a missionary...
We had a zone barbeque right before the changes and it was super fun. Our old zone was awesome! The same night we went to another families house who also gave us asado! 
We went to the bus terminal late at night to tell everyone bye! We had four Elders going home and then a couple going to Montevideo for their changes. It was a really awesome goodbye. There were a lot of members actually too that were there to say goodbye! 

The next day something crazy happened. The ZLs told me that Elder Mori was going to get to the bus terminal at 2:00 so I got there around 1:40. A couple minutes later two hermanas showed up. We went to help them with their suitcases and then I saw an Elder come in another bus. I went and said hi and asked where he was going and when he saw my name tag he said, "Elder Cordy! Your my companion!" I was waiting on a Peruvian and he was a large blondie, clearly not peruvian. We went to the ZLs and started calling people to find out what was going on. Well, come to find out, Elder Kelly is now my new companion! Elder Mori is staying in his last area! So Elder Kelly is a big kid from Las Vegas. He just finished training. That makes my last 4 comps ALL gringos and ALL of them have less than 6 months in the mission. 
My district is now one group of Elders and one group of Hermanas besides us. I thought I wasnt going to like it but it was pretty sweet! 
This week I hit an official 18 months. The only thing out of the normal is that I lost my voice and when i climbed into bed at night, a wasp stung me on the shoulder! 

Crazy story this week: The Elders from my district called to tell me a story about a guy that they had talked too. They said he needed someone to translate English for him. I called the guy to see what was going on. He told me about some lady that he had met over email who had asked him for help. By the way this lady lives in Africa and is in like a refuge camp. After wondering, laughing and talking to my comp about it, we decided to go over and talk to him. We set up a time the next day to meet him. So the next day he gave us more details and I ended up called a reverend in Africa named Andrew to tell him that this guy Cesar was going to help this random lady in whatever way possible. It really doesnt make sense at all but we got a lot of good laughs about it because we arent sure what this guy wants to do. 

This week Agustin got the priesthood! I am really excited about him! He is such a stud!!! 

I am reading Jesus the Christ and reaching the end. I read about the trail and crucifixion this week. It is so humbling to read and study about the things that he went through for us. Its amazing that our heavenly Father knows that that sacrifice was worth it for all of his children that will one day become like Him! I am so greatful for that willing sacrifice! 

Thanks for all of your love and support! I really appreciate the emails! :) 


Week 76 - April 6, 2015

CHANGES! This week I am getting a new companion here in Salto. Sadly, Elder Huntsman is leaving and going to Cerro Casab√≥ which is one of the best areas in the mission. Its pretty dangerous but I am getting him excited for it! I am going to be with 

Elder Mori from Peru. He has almost a year in the mission. I havent heard much about him but I am excited to see how it goes! This Thursday I will have 18 months as a missionary and I cant believe time is flying as it is. I am going to be DL (6 months and still going strong) still and I have only 6 missionaries now in my district. Elder Huntsman and I were not expecting to leave eachother but President told us that he felt that it would be best for us! I am excited to see whats in for us this change in Salto! 

This week was pretty interesting in terms of the work. We had a ward council meeting and our leaders were pretty lame. We are trying to help the ward so hard and we dont get a lot of help from our leaders. 
I did divisions this week with Elder Aphowriseth from Argentina. He is a new missionary who is finishing up his training. He is a super cool kid though. We had a lot of great lessons and I really enjoyed all of my experiences there except my cold shower in the morning! 
This morning we went to seminary. We got invited because the youth wanted to say goodbye to Elder Vargas and Elder Huntsman who are leaving. There was a good amount of kids there at 6am and I was really surprised! It was super fun to go! It was my comps first time in seminary though hahaha. 
We found a lot of new investigators this week and we are working with all of them to try and help them understand the importance of what we do! 

GENERAL CONFERENCE! Dang I love general conference in the mission. Its so ridiculously awesome. I had a couple questions that I had answered and I am so grateful for later day prophets and apostles that are called by our Heavenly Father! 
My favorite talks were these:

Study Conference!!!! Seriously I got so much out of it! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! I know that these leaders are truly called of God! The Gospel is so amazing and I am so grateful that I have been able to be in the service of the Lord for almost 18 months now! How great is my calling! I love you all! :)