Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 28 - April 26, 2014

Sat Apr 19. Today we started with a super fun futbol game. Then, since we are tired of taking the APs from their house to their area every day, we made them move on our Pday. Then we bought bizcochos and Fagar that we found in Cerro! We went to the beach with the APs and we all talked about our honey moons. Then we went and toured this museum and japanese gardens. We spent the whole pday with the APs, which was super fun. I made lunch/temple then we emailed. We planned and then set up residency tickets. Then we went to cerro and brought tickets at 3 Cruces.
Sun Apr 20. EASTER! Literally the only reason I knew it was easter because my bishop said happy eater to us. There were no talks or classes in church, no easter egg hunts, pretty spring colors, NADA! After church we had lunch with this lady that was super nice but a super nervous personality. She lives alone in a TINY house and she had 6 missionaries over to eat. She didnt stop talking for 5 seconds I dont think for the whole time we were there. It was a super fun lunch though. We worked in the offices for a while, then we talked to the financers about getting out of our house. I dont think it will work though. Then we contacted for the rest of the night. We even contacted 2 references we received from the Choque de Fuerza that we had, but they didnt turn out well. Then elder Woods decided he wanted to go contact these kids by playing basketball. I wasnt a big fan of the idea because they had zero interest, and it didnt work out. Then we moved some more furniture to the APs new house in their area FINALLY.
Mon Apr 21. Today was a nice Monday. We met with President and a man who is in charge of statistics of the two missions in Uruguay. It was a really good meeting and we learned a lot of important things about baptismal records. Then Elder Woods and I went to 3C to take the passports to the missionaries signing residency. We had to take two elders to the residency place by ourselves because they were late because they forgot.... I made a new format for the announcements that we do every week in the bolsa. Then we prepped and did a pretty small bolsa run! We sang hymns all the way to 3C together. It was super fun. We also had to buy a couple tickets for Hermana Aragao and Fullmer to come down because Hermana Aragao got bit by a dog on her hand and its swollen. We had milkshake monday afterwards!
Tues Apr 22. I liked today! WE had our district meeting and song prep for stake conference. Then we came back to the offices to find the internet SHOT. I decided we should pray and then clean the offices. Thats what we did. We cleaned for a couple hours until we finally got a hold of the bishop, who came and fixed the internet. We cleaned the whole offices and they look great now. Later we had a lesson with Tania, who just got baptized recently. She is a great example to her active family members and wants to progress even more! We then went to the less active Salas family. We had the best lesson we have had with them yet. Everyone in the whole house came to listen and it went really well. Then we went to Oeste 10 and helped Elder Owen and Elder Finlay move to their new house. We got home at 11:15.
Wed Apr 23. Today we had interviews for the Oeste and Flores zones. We decided we would wake up early to be able to excercise, but I ended up being the only one that excercised. We went to cerro and brought the APs to the interviews. The interviews were amazing. President Smith is such a stud and I learn so much from him every time he talks. The APs had time to teach also. They did the activities that they did in the last concilio, so I had already seen them! Then we had a lesson practice. Elder Woods and I were able to teach. I thought it went pretty well, and we got great feedback to be able to learn off of! We taught the plan of salvation. We worked on the bolsas, plans for tomorrow, and bought some more bus tickets. It was a pretty good day! I wish we could listen to President teach more because he is such an awesome teacher! We didnt have enought time for the office elder interviews, so we will have them another day soon.
Thur Apr 24. Today after studies we went to 3C to look for clothes for Hermana Aragao and Fullmer, who had to have the missionaries in Paysandu send more to them, because they will have an unexpectedly longer stay. The clothes ended up not being there yet. We went to Carrasco to drop the mail off, and we talked to Hermana Smith for a while. Later in the day we had a lesson set with Shirley Devita, a psychologist who is inactive. She actually wasnt there, so we went back to the offices and worked a bit. Later we had to pick up Elder Eiker from 3C, as well as the bag of clothes for the two hermanas. We took the clothes to the pugmire couples house. Their house was right on the rambla, which is the highway right along the beach. SUPER COOL HOUSE! We went back to the offices to study for the lesson with the Salas family. Elder Eiker had served in our area, and his first convert was one of the Salas sisters! We went to their house and they were SUPER excited to see Elder Eiker! We ended up having a GREAT lesson with them! We taught in a trio, but it went really well and balanced!!! We talked about the church being the way to salvation. On our way back from the lesson, Elder Eiker talked us into stopping at a chorizo sandwich vender on the side of the street. We bought some, and they were BOMB for just three dollars each! We took Elder Eiker to the financers house to sleep, and then we went home. Later that night, Elder Baggett called and I talked to him for a while! What a stud! I love that kid.

Fri Apr 25. Today was somewhat crazy. We went to interviews with President. I made brownies while we were waiting for Elder Woods, then I had my interview. President told me a lot of great things that I will write in another journal. He talked about his respect that he and his family all have for me, what I will do to fix things in the offices, and maybe my potential companion. I was super humbled by everything that President said to me. When I came out, Hermana Smith had lunch ready for me, and then after lunch, I made brownies! They werent finished baking by the time we left, but it was alright! I GOT TO LICK THE BOWL! Permission given by Hermana Smith. Then we went to the aduana, the customs offices to get out packages. We had a super nice lady that literally gave us the packages without paying or even looking why they got stopped! MIRACLE! I got my easter package too! Then we had singing practice for the zone. The missionaries of our zone will sing put your shoulder to the wheel for stake conference this weekend. Then we picked up Hermana Beatie and had to help Hermana Fullmer and Aragao get to 3C. After that, we had futbol with our ward. It was a bunch of street guys that came, and they definitely did not speak spanish! 

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