Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week 29, 2014 - May 3, 2014

Sat Abr 26. This morning we had futbol really early. I got a dead leg that is STILL killing me and already looks like it might be a good lookin bruise. After studies we had to go get the APs. We played baseball catch with gloves that we found in the APs house. Then we went to nuevo shopping mall, just to look around. We had lunch with Mary. We had lasagna and a birthday cake for Elder Arbon. Then we went to the offices, hung out and emailed. We had an adult stake meeting tonight. It was really good. A lot of talks about missionary work and doing the Little things so we can always progress. Laura, a member of the Salas family went too!
Sun Apr 27. Today we had our zone conference. All the missionaries sang put your shoulder to the Wheel. We had our weekly planning after the conference. It went very well and its always fun to have the last companionship inventory together. Elder Woods says that he really admires my work ethic and politeness. The thing I am going to work on that he brought to my attention was doing things that are in my control. We had our offices inventory. We are starting morning devotionals as the offices too. That should be fun. Then we worked on number sheets for tomorrow. Pretty calm day. Wish we could have worked though!
Mon Apr 28.  Today was alright. The financers had the car almost all day and we ended up missing a bus that a corto plazo from Paysandu was going to take, because the financers were late. After we figured out all the bus situations for him, we went to a lesson, but they werent home. Then we did the bolsa run and a McDonalds hamburger finish.
Tues Apr 29. Today was pretty slow. We had our last district meeting together before changes. We worked in the offices for most of the day. I felt really ineffecient though because we had to run errands and the financers had the car all day again. We had a lesson with Hermana Mello. She is an only member of her family and hasnt been to church in a very long time. Her husband doesnt even want to meet or see the missionaries. We had a good lesson with her about the lost sheep from the Restoration lesson. Then we went to the Salas house and talked about how Laura liked stake conference. We also talked about doing the Little things to help us become constantly converted to the gospel. We had two really good lessons that we were happy about!
Wed Apr 30. Tpday we started off by getting the information done for our Uruguayan identification. Then afterwards, I was running all over Montevideo with Elder Averett. We took the APs to buy shirts for the concilio soccer game, then we went to two different Banks, and then we took the APs to the hospital, then we got plaques. We had lunch with the bishop and his wife. They had home made milanesas, which were bomb. They only lesson that didnt fall through today was with the Varelas. We finally met their son Andreas and he is a stud! He just needs to go to church.
Thur May 1. Today is the feria. Its a day where almost no one works, much less gets out of bed. We had service right after our studies with the Varelas. We helped them put in another door in the house and put cement around that. It was actually a really fun service Project and I liked it a lot! Afterwards we made an asado that was amazing. We helped them make a good fire after they failed a couple times trying. Then their son came over with a big bottle of gas and lit ´er up. We went back home to shower and change, and then we went to a lesson with the Munilla family. We talked about all the things that the church has revealed in the last days through revelation. Then we had a lesson with the Betancours. We taught the first half of the plan of salvation. It went really well. It was a really touching lesson for me too. I loved the input from the dad of the family. I really thought about the sacrifice that Christ made for US and how scared he was to experience pain and suffering for the first time. We went to the offices and Hermano Cancela from the 5th Ward was having his birthday and he brought us food. Then we went to 3C to look for the bolsa, but EVEN TRES CRUCES was closed. I thought I was part of the movie I am legend walking through streets today. Thats how dead the city was. I lost my voice today too.
Friday May 2. Today we had a change meeting with President. He told me that Elder Castellanos will be my new companion. Our change meeting went very well too. We had basically everything ready to go, so we didnt have to go over much! Then we had the Restoration lesson with Hermana Devita, who is inactive. It was a really good lesson. She asked us to come back to read the BoM with her. When we were walking back, a lady stopped us and asked if we could come speak English for a class before a big test they take at school. We had a lesson with an ex investigator that we found in the area book. We talked to him, but he has no desire. This was the sentence that basically made it sure, “No sé quien inventó diezmo, pero esta LOCO!” I dont know who invented tithing, but they are CRAZY. We went on to teach him how tithing has been a commandment since the olden days even before Jesus Christ. After that lesson, we played futbol for the church activity and then we had chorizos!

My cool story about my new companion. About two weeks ago, I had been praying so President would be inspired to send someone to the offices that would help me and the offices out the most. Later on, I came to find out that President had changed my future companion from Elder Diotaiuti to Elder Castellanos. President told me that he had felt inspired to bring a spanish speaking Elder to the offices. President also told me that he had a very spiritual experience in the revelation that he received. That was really cool for me to hear, especially after a couple days of praying that President would know who to send to the offices. I love Elder Diotaiuti and all but needless to say, I am really excited for the next two changes!

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