Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week 32 - May 24, 2014

Sat May 17. Today was the day I have been waiting for in a while for a couple reasons. 1. I had studies like President taught us in our conference with 5 zones. Start with a song and then pray with sincerity. You should have prayer be something to work for. During the studies really focus on what you are studying and EXAMINE the doctrine. Look for things all during the day and be mindful about what miracles you see happen all around you. Have a notebook or something to write thoughts in with you. I did that and it was awesome. After studies, we bought bizcochos and a couple souveneirs. Then we went to the corto plazos house and took him to Tres Cruces. Then we went to the Montevideo sign on the rambla (highway on the beach.) Then we email and went to Nicole Priggionis birthday party that was happening in the gym of the church. We had an awesome lesson with Fernando planned. When we got there, Joaquin (11 year old son) and his friend were there. We talked to them for a while and found out that they didnt know anything about God. That was the first lesson where I taught someone who didnt know who God was. We basically ended up teaching the plan of salvation according to their questions and where they led. It was actually a great lesson. At the end of the lesson we committed them to pray and invited them to church that is down the street from them. They all took turns praying too and they were some amazing prayers. Elder Castellanos is a great teacher too. I will learn a lot from him.
Sun May 18. Today was a nice day of rest. Elder Castellanos and I taught Gospel Principles class about exaltation. We had a good turno ut and a pretty good lesson in my eyes. We had pizza for lunch and then we had our weekly planning sesiĆ³n. We did a ton of organizing. We havent had any fights yet for our companionship inventories. We had good things tos ay so far.
Mon May 19. Today was a pretty normal Monday. We spent the morning on numbers and then we had the bolsa preparation. We also got everything ready for a Brazilian Elder who is coming tomorrow. We got home about 10:15after the bolsa run. We did a ton of work today, we could just use a Little help with the bolsa from ANYBODY. Sometimes its nice though because I can make sure I know whats going on and make sure everything goes to the right place.
Tues May 20. Today we woke up early to go get the Brazilian from the airport. We showed up way early to the airport and Heard his flight got cancelled. So we went and studied in the church hotel on the temple grounds. Elder Braga, showed up at 10:50. At first I started talking to him and asking him all about himself. Then after I payed the parking fee, when we jumped back in the car, President said, “He speaks English!” It was true… Elder Braga had gone to two weeks of the MTC in Argentina and he could speak better English than he could speak Spanish.President and I were laughing about it while I was driving everyone back. It was pretty funny to hear Elder Castellanos from El Salvador and Elder Braga from Brasil talking in English in the backseat, while we discussed somethings that were going on with a couple of Elders in Spanish. Usually its the other way around. Elder Braga learned his English from playing video games and listening to music. Thats crazy to me. We went to district meeting after we dropped Elder Braga off at his bus to go to his area. We visited the Varela family later at night and I feel like they really trust us now. I think they need the bishop and member help, so we will see what we can do about that.
Wed May 21. Today was an interesting day. We spent a lot of time in the offices. We went to ge tour licenses at 2, right after lunch. While waiting to be called, I got a call from our church lawyer who told me about 22 missionaries that need to come down to Montevideo this Monday to sign residency papers. Usually I have a month notice or so in advance, but not this time. I spent the rest of the day making the bus Schedule and routes for everyone and making sure they have companions. Then I sent out a ton of messages to the ZLs and individual missionaries to let them know the Information.Then we ran Elder Amaral and Teloma to Independencia to do divisions with Elder Watts and Elder Chuyes.
Thur May 22. Today was pretty packed. W eran all over the place in the morning dropping off mail, picking up mail, going to the distribution center, getting President to sign things, buying tickets, and getting the bolsas. We got lunch at 1 and went home and ate. We were in the offices until we met with bishop to make some visits. We first went to the Varelas house because I felt like they could really use his help. Then bishop had a meeting to go to so we went to the church. We had a karate activity with the Sayago and 18 ward but there were only 5 people there. It was pretty fun to have a Little 12 year old girl lead us and teach us karate. Hilarious story of the day. Elder Castellanos was going to get something from the financers house and he went with Elder Averett because I was in the drivers seat waiting outside with Elder Brown. We talked to a lady a bit who was cleaning their glass doors to the building. The other elders were in a rush and so they were going pretty fast. They ran out the door pretty quick. Elder Castellanos didnt see the nicely cleaned glass door that was following the first one and ran face first into the door, at a pretty fast pace. The poor kid got knocked back and then he just stopped and held his face. Elder Brown and I were blessed enough to watch the whole thing. It was hilarious. I have been waiting my whole life to see something like that. But when Elder Castellanos got into the car, we had to stop laughing and ask if he was okay. I was glad too because he just said that his face really hurt and then he started laughing about it. We all gladly joined in and laughed about it. I would pay to see it again.
Fri May 23. Today was pretty good in the offices. WE had bizcochos in the morning that were good. A homesless guy came up to us and asked for one. Trying to be a Christlike person, I gave him one. Then he asked for another, after pausing and thinking for a second, I gave him another. Then he asked for another one but it was a big nice golden Brown roll with Dulce de Leche inside. That was where I asked, “yeah we just gave you two, we have these for other people that we are going to give to.” And then he said, “yeah thats why you should give them to me.” I was pretty steamed on the inside so I just looked at Elder Castellanos and smiled. He gave him another after talking about it a bit and then we walked on. I am still working on patience. In the offices I did reservations for the temple, hotels for the oros, hotels for President, oro cards, papers for the health test, etc. Then we had a lunch and also a free singing concert at the Olivera house. Then we went to get plaques. We contacted in our area after that. It was very interesting, but we had no luck. Then we had coorelation. It was alright but I feel like the bishop just tells us to go visit less actives a lot. He says he has visited everyone and he doesnt know what to do anymore. Then we went home and had a good Little talk before we went to bed. PRetty good day but man we would sure like to have some more investigators! 

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