Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 33 - May 31, 2014

Sat May 24. Today was relaxing and we had plans to go to the estadio but the financers didnt feel good. We made lunch in the financers house. Elder Brown and I made chicken alfredo and banana pudding. We went to get Elder CAstellanos hair cut then we hung out at the offices until we ended Pday. We visited Hna Gomez and gave her a blessing. Then our other 2 plans fell so we got the map from Cerro 17. Elder Diotaiuti and Elder Sosa.

Sun May 25. Today was pretty good. We had a good day at church. The lessons werent the best but maybe they were for someone else. For lunchg we cooked pizza with green olives and giant cuts of carne. We took the sacrament to the Hermana Pais and had a good talk with her. We ran by the offices to grab all the passports for a thing tomorrow and then we went back home. We had our weekly planning but we only finished about half until we had to go to lessons. Our first one was with Fernando, the investigator. We brought Hno Betancour with us. We went over the restoration and led that into the Book of Mormon. It seemed like it wasnt a great lesson for me or us, and we both thought we could practice more. However, Fernando sent us a message saying how much he loves when we pass by and talk to him. That made us feel a alot better. Then we passed by the Salas family even though it was getting pretty late. After we left their house, we RAN home to be on time to our house. We ran for a while and we were exhausted. My comp when we turned the final corner, told me to stop because he thought he was going to throw up. We walked the block without problems and got home a minute late. 

Mon May 26, Today was Elder Castellanos bday. We got ready quick and ran to Tres Cruces for people who had to sign residency. Twenty had to sign and Six companions had to come with them. The companions didnt know what to do, so we took them all to the offices. Elder Finnegan, Elder Goold, Elder Nuñez, Elder Santos da Silva, Hermana Valverde and Hermana Fullmer came to the offices. Elder Nuñez gave me one of his Hoy es el Dia ties that he got in a package from his dad that makes them. I ran to get packages with Elder Goold. Then after that, we headed back and dropped them all off at tres cruces and made sure they all had tickets ready to go. We were going to take the Cerro Companionships to Cerro but Elder Goold and Elder Merrill ditched. We took Hermana Valverde and Hermana Llonto. It was a really fun, hilarious, and awkward drive. Then we worked on numbers in the offices. The financers made lunch for my comp and then we ran to the mission home where Hna Smith had a present and cake for him. Later I bought him 20 bizcochos and told him to eat them all. After a lot of my juice and a couple hours, he finished all twenty. We did the bolsa really quick today but then the APs called me and asked me to do the Diario, which shot all of our time to go work out. We got home from the bolsa run around 11.

Tues May 27. Today was pretty normal. We picked up the APs and took the Cerros ZLs to the church. Then we had a reunion de distrito that was great. I really loved it. Then we worked in the offices until 5:30. We contacted referenced we received from the bishop and then we visited the Salas family and they had a cake for my comp. I had a really cool experience there. I was just really trying to think WHY they dont go to church. After beating my testimony various times, I realized that I really do love these people and I want them to be on the good side and I want them to be able to live together FOREVER as a family! 

Wed May 28. Today was awesome. We started out at Presidents house with a meeting about two mission conference coming up. We decided that before our big conference with the other mission, that we would meet as a mission before because it has never happened before. We also had a brunch in honor of my comps bday. Thats three straight days of meals for him. I hope my comp hooks me up for my bday like I hooked up Elder Castellanos! We worked in the offices for a while then we got the car from the financers and bought tickets and brought the bolsas. The bolsas this week were golden for me.Elder Woodcock Sent me a 3 Liter guaraná from Rivera that was 40 pesos. Less than two dollars. Then Hermana Valverde sent me alfajores and Hermana Llonto sent me brownies. Then when we got back, we went on divisions with Elder Amaral and Elder Teloma. I went with Elder Amaral, who is our District LEader from Brazil. He is awesome. We contacted for a while with no success. Then we got a call to give a blessing to an hermana who is getting surgery tomorrow. She asked me to do the blessing so that was really cool! We did that and then we got a call from Fernando and he asked if we could visit him. So Elder Amaral, Teloma, Castellanos and I all went to his house. We talked about faith and repentance. It was going really well and I was starting to talk about baptism and the gift of the holy ghost. Right as I was about to give him the baptismal challenge, someone clapped at the door. Fernandos brother and his wife came and they were really cool. We all talked with them for a while. It was a great time and I feel like we gained a lot of confidence with them. 

Thur May 29. Today was good. We took the mail to Carrasco and then we went to DHL by the airport. It took an hour to get mittens, a scarf, and glasses. We worked in the offices until 5:30 and then we went to fill out info de progreso and we went to correlacion. That took a while but it was good. Then we drove to the house of Andres and Andrea, who are a newly wedded and recent converts. We had a great time with them. They are only a  22 and it felt like we were just friends talking. The awkward difference was the companions haha. Needless to say, after a great lesson of the gospel, we both were pretty trunky and we talked about getting married the whole drive home. 

Fri May 30. Today after studies I worked on updating the phone list on the computer. Then we went to get packages and tres cruces to buy tickets. Elder Sipan made lunch. Then we went to the aduana at the new location that doesnt look or feel like jail like the other one did. They were even playing Lady Gaga music. When we got back, we had more distribution center packages come so we organized all the packages that we got over the day. I was feeling great at 5:00 because we had time to leave to work. I called 3people that we were going to meet with today but none of them answered. Then we street contacted, reference contacted, and got to know our area well. We did that for 3 hours and then we went home to start weekly planning. We talked to a lot of people with not a lot of success. We talked to a guy that really wanted to change his life. He said he ahs problems sleeping at night because of addictions. I just have to keep in mind the potencial and maybe he could be a mission president someday. 

Today we went to the temple and it was AMAZING! We did initiatories at first, and then we went to a session with the people who were going to get sealed. We did that and then we went to their sealing. The whole time it was super cool to see someone go through the first time. The sealing was BEAUTIFUL. They got sealed first and then they brought their 2 year old son in after. Everyone was teary eyed when they got sealed but when the two year old cute little kid walked in dressed in all white, I am pretty sure everyone cried. I did for sure. and I know his mom did too. It was precious and I absolutely LOVED IT. That was one experience I probably will never forget. 

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