Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 37 - June 28, 2014

Sat Jun 21. Pday. We got our hair cut today to start off the festivities. Then we got the other 4 Elders and went to lunch with Mary. We had a ravioli and pancake lasagna. It was BOMB. Then we wrote our families and hung out. I went out to work with the financers after that. They had two lessons that fell through so we contacted for a couple hours. It was a good experience and it made me feel better about my Spanish. I can honestly say, now at the 8 month mark, that I have no problems whatsoever in terms of understanding or speaking for the most part. Its amazing how much the Lord has blessed me with this language because I now I couldn't have done it by myself. A lot of times people answer the phone and ask if it is my companion talking, because of the accent. Hopefully I can leave the offices and PERFECT it! Thats my goal! After I worked a couple hours with the financers, I went to the Varela family with Elder Arbon, Paola(member) and my companion. We had a really good contact on the way and then we had a sweet lesson. I learned a lot from Elder Arbon. He said he thought we had a great lesson but he also gave us some great suggestions. 

Sun Jun 22. Today we had a crazy day of rest. We got 2 Elders at tres cruces before church that we had to take to their areas. We ended up taking one with us because their areas are so far apart. We had a great lesson in Priesthood from Gustavo Lopez aka Michael Jackson. After church, we took people from 3C and the Cerro stake center for the Charla Foganera (fireside). President invited us to come and so we went. It was a really cool experience. It was a super spiritual hour and half of music and testimonies. Then we had to take missionaries to 3C to go to their new areas from Cerro. We got home around 12:30

Mon Jun 23. Today I got to do numbers for the week. Its been a good 12 week break but I was glad that I finally understand them perfectly. We worked on the bolsa after that. H Smith called us to see if we could take things to put in the bolsa for the week. I went to the mission home with Botón, aka Adrian Paz, who is a corto plazo working with us for a couple days. Jerry let us in and then H Smith handed me the phone. I was scared when the mission Presidents wife handed me the phone. I answered and then it was Audrey. I talked to her for a little bit and then we had dinner with President and his wife. I really love their family. They are an amazing family. After we ate, we did the bolsa run and got home late again! 

Tues Jun 24. Today we had the corto plazo with us all day. We worked in the offices until district meeting. After the closing prayer in the district meeting, we heard a bunch of yelling, honking, fireworks, etc. Uruguay scored a goal against Italia with just a few months to spare. Uruguay won the game and literally the fireworks and honking continued for an hour and a half after the game. We are officially in the world cup tournament! We worked and planned for the rest of the day. 

Wed Jun 25. Today we had the corto plazo with two hermanas in the offices all day. The hermanas were planning for a lesson in concilio tomorrow. We had a lesson with Fernando and Joaquin. We went with the corto plazo and Andres (member). They helped us out a lot but maybe a bit too much. We ended up answering questions and talking about the deep history of the book of mormon. It was hard because we know that he just needs to simply read it and pray about it. 

Thur Jun 26. Today was concilio. We didnt go for the whole time though. We were there in the morning for the study with President. It was awesome. He doesnt even plan what he is going to say. He just starts with one scripture and then we talk about it. Then we keep going into the conversation and then an hour and a half has passed. We went to the temple with them later. It was of course super cool. I had a cool experience and a lot of cool things that I learned for the first time. We had to fly to a lesson after that. We went with the corto plazo to the Mello family. We taught about the book of mormon for a while. it was a pretty good lessson but they are not a very intergetic or talkative family so its kind of hard sometimes. Then we had to run to Carrasco, drop of the corto plazo, etc. We got home at 12:30

Fri Jun 27. I went to Concilio day 2 all day today. During the day we had practices of 3 lessons. They were all really really good lessons. I could have learned a ton just from the feedback that I heard. We talked a lot about things happening in the mission and how we can become better. Then we had the crazy races from Carrasco to 3C and then we finished off at 1:00

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