Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week 34 - June 7, 2014

Sat MAy 31. Today was good. we went to a sealing at the temple for the Alvarez family. We did initiatories and then a session, then we went to a sealing. It was amazingly awesome. It made us super trunky because it was so beautiful. Then their child Franc, two year old little spaz ran in the room in all white and I think there were wet eyes all around the room. President went too! He told me when I got there that I look like a President, I was scared to ask him what that meant. One thing that the man who got sealed said that I loved was, "Cualquier esfuerzo, vale la pena." We went to the Varela and Betancour families and shared our awesome experience with them, and then talked to them about their goals to be sealed for time and ALL eternity. 
Sun Jun 1. Today was cool at church. Because of voting that was happening in Montevideo in the chapels, all the missionaries from our zone went to one ward. It was awesome to see a church so full, and there were only 141 people there. We planned for most of the day after church. 
Mon Jun 2. Today was the normal monday. We got the APs after studies and talked with Elder Myers while we waited for them as always. He told us about his last time he got robbed. We had numbers and bolsa prep almost all day. We had a giant bolsa run today and it was not a ton of fun. Elder Brown and I had a good talk today about working in the offices, being a normal missionary, and trying to balance all that and have success in the two. Funny story: Today I called President to ask him if he had any people he was thinking about to be the next financer. He told me a name, so I could start the long getting a license process. Later Elder Arbon was going through our emails and shouted, "ELDER HOLT?" That was the name of the next elder, or possibility. Elder Brown, his next comp, was standing right behind him. 
Tues Jun 3. Today was alright. The financers robbed us of the car all day again, but we had a good day in the offices. Our district meeting was great too. We went to the Varela family home and had a great lesson with them about prayer and how to do it better. I really thing Andres will progress. 
Wed Jun 4. Today we ran around like crazy. We woke up at 5:30 and had to take a corto plazo home. Elder Staffieri came down for a doctors appointment with his companion,We ran to burger king with them and then worked at the offices with him, because he used to be a secretary. 

I am slacking hard core on my journal entries. I hardly have time to write. That is short and thats all I have for this week so far. 

We have been running around crazy this week. I have been doing a lot of redesigning programs and things that President wants to change for the better. As much time as it takes, I really love working with President. He is so awesome and he teaches me a LOT. We have had a couple studies with him this week too. We just read a couple of scriptures and talk about them and learn a lot. 

We have been contacting a lot lately. We only had 5 lessons this week that didnt fall through. We have a TON fall through, and not much to back us up. This area is tough. 

Last night, we also slept in the hostal with the APs and Elder Lira, who was going home. We have been eating out a lot so far this month, so I dont know how I will be doing on money at the end of the month. This week we will be having a meeting with a area 70 with the other mission as well as ours. We are going to meet as a mission before but no one else knows that yet, so keep it on the Down Low.... 

Also next week I will be receiving changes... Sooo I cant garuntee i will write a lot next week! I want to have changes PERFECT this change! 

I miss you all a ton but I cant say I want to leave! :) I love you all so much! 

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