Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 35 - June 14, 2014

Sat June 7. Today we got up and left the hostal to get ready. We got a call saying we had to take a couple things that Elder Lira forgot to the airport. They couldnt find a ticket for Elder Lira so Elder Arbon bought one. What a stud. Then after Elder Lira left, we played soccer on the rambla against the other mission. It was windy, rainy, and COLD. However, we were pretty stoked about playing the other mission. We had been trash talking for a bit. We ended up DESTROYING them. It was super fun. Elder Gesch visited us with his dad later in the day! Then we went home, my comp showered, and we went to the Correa home. They have bad health so there isnt much we can do to help them. They are supposed to stay in their house. My comp felt sick so we went home and planned. 

Sun June 8. Today was alright but we will see fruits this week hopefully. Church was pretty good, we met a lady that is a reference at church. Then we went home to eat lunch. We waited for Elder Balliff and Gonçalves to come get something from the office. Then we planned. We had a great planning session. Elder Castellanos felt sick again and he had a 99.8 fever. Then I gave him a fever reducer and told him to go to bed.

Mon Jun 9. Today we running around crazy. Elder Finlay sprained his ankle playing basketball and we took him to the hospital. It was GIANT and nasty. Elder Brown and I went to a couple banks and then went to a place where they will be laminating the 8 Creencias cards. Then president changed a couple things after everything had already been printed. All of our working in the area plans crashed, then we did the bolsa run, bought tickets, and took Elder Arbon home. 

Tues June 10. We woke up today by a phone call about a corto plazo waiting in 3 Cruces. We ran over there but when we got there, all the buses from Rivera were delayed. An hour later, the corto plazo showed up. Then we went home and got ready. We had a district meeting that was awesome and then we worked in the offices. We had lessons a 6, 7, and 8. Our lessons at 7 and 8 fell through. We were out with a member named Paola though and we visited Hermana Gomez, who recently had surgery. We had a lesson with Maria de Carmen also, who is the lady that showed up at church with a friend! Then we came to the offices to find out what to do with the changes. President changed the changes, and now he wants the missionaries traveling during the day instead of the night. We have an excel document with a bunch of formulas to make the traveling easier for each zone. However, since we are changing the times of changes, I had to rewrite the formulas for each zone. It took a good 2 days literally. I have learned a HECK A LOT about excel though. 

Wed Jun 11. Today I spent almost all day on the new change formulas. We had a gizo and lentejas lunch with the Munilla family. It was really good. I later called the guys doing the new 8 Creencias cards and asked how they were doing. They put off our project and had to stay late to finish. The fun part is we stayed there too and helped a bit. Then we had to go and find a bunch of tables for the conference in Cerro tomorrow with our whole mission. We got back home at 1am

Thur Jun 12. Today we had the 2 BIG conferences. They were both awesome and fun. The conference in Cerro was super cool to be able to see ALL the missionaries that are in the mission. It was so awesome to know almost everyone too. The 8 Creencias cards were passed out in that conference and I was finally happy to hear that what I made was "PERFECT" in Presidents eyes. The Malvin conference was great too. Elder Robbins is a stud. He opened up about an hour after just for questions. You have to be a STUD to do that with 500 missionaries. After that, we stayed to clean and got home late again. 

Fri Jun 13. I couldnt sleep last night. I woke up with a fever of 100.5 degrees. The whole day was rough because of that. We worked in the offices until 1:00 and then we went to a marriage with a couple that is getting baptized in our ward, with the other missionaries. It was pretty simple and short. Then they had their baptism at 6. They had freezing cold water too because no one turned on the fire to heat the water. There were 2 men that walked in and wanted to watch the baptism. We taught them about the restoration and a lot about our church. After the baptism, we went to get gas and then we got the changes. My comp ran errands with Elder Averett and the APs until about 12. At 1am, we called it quits and went home. 

8 Creencias - Wow that was quite a work. I made 9 drafts, always getting feedback from President. The 9th draft, President said it looked perfect. Its pretty cool that all the missionaries in the mission have something I made! 

Changes - We will have 3 APs this change. Elder Bossa and Elder Aqueveque both extended their missions and will end their missions at the end of this month. Nothing crazy happened with anyone in my group. We are getting Elder Favero as our new ZL, who is from Brasil. He will be with Elder Mella, whos parents just got called to be mission presidents in California San Jose. 

Conference in Cerro - WOW it was awesome. I hugged so many people during that conference. It was cool to see EVERYONE. 

Conference in Malvin - Elder Robbins is a stud. It was a really cool talk about the mission and he dropped a little cane about people finding their spouses on the mission. 

EL MUNDIAL - YES. The world cup is crazy here. There are Uruguay flags, jerseys, etc sold at EVERY INTERSECTION. That is not an exaggeration at all. Crazy news too: WE GET TO WATCH THE URUGUAY GAMES: President talked to me about it after he announced it in the conference. He said that the country will be dead as it is, and it only happens every 4 years, so why not!? So at 4 oclock Uruguay time today, sorry but I will be watching the world cup. We bought two Uruguay flags that go on car windows and we have them on the mission van. Gotta represent. We went to the estadio today and I talked to a couple that was from Brasil, in PORTUGUESE. I didnt understand it all, but the cool thing is that I had a conversation with them! Thats absolutely crazy to me. 

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