Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week 38 - July 5, 2014

Sat Jun 28. Today was super calm. We had to take keys to Carrasco from Cerro in the morning. We ate lunch and went to the offices. We wrote our families, talked, and wrestled. Uruguay was playing and so we had to go to our house to study. They lost to Colombia 2-0 and ended their trip. Then we had to go buy tickets, find lost keys, and clean clothes. 
Sun Jun 29. Today church was awesome. Great talks and lessons. We had a good lunch with Majo and Lucas, who just got baptized 2 weeks ago. They are 20 and 22. It was like talking to friends that were my age, which was really freaking weird. We planned after that and then we had to do a couple things in the offices with Elder Arbon because we are going to change the way the numbers of the mission are done. 
Mon Jun 30. Today was the usual crazy monday. I did the numbers for hopefully the last time. President wants the APs to do the numbers with him so they can talk about everyone and everything. We had an asado with the zone and we worked in the offices like all day. We had a FHE with the Mello family. They are doing well. We showed a mormon message about getting out of the cabin and having fun and trying to make changes. They made pizza that was bomb. Then we waited for the APs to finish the diario and then we did the bolsa run. We got home at 12. 
Tues Jul 1. Today we had interviews with President. We recovered all that we went over during concilio. E Castellanos and I did the practice and we got a lot of good feedback from the lesson. My enterview went well. President just asked me to talk to him. I talked about our area and the offices. He talked about what he thinks about me and the things I am doing in the offices. I really feel like he loves me. I love that man! He is such an amazing example and a great support. 
Wed Jul 2. Today I got a lot done in the offices. We tried to go work but the three lessons we had set all fell through. We ran a lot of errands for Elder Bossa because he leaves tomorrow. Elder Bossa is a stud. He is a missionary I have looked up to since day 1 in this country. He is so real and never changes how he acts to kiss up or be unnaturally nice. He enjoys himself and is always supporting others. 
Thur Jul 3. Today we had no internet until 4 so we ran all kinds of errands. We went to the aduana, Carrasco, we had lunch with the Llambi family, which was odd because they are very eco friendly people. I learned a lot about my bodily energy and things I can put around our house to stay calm. We went contacting until our first set lesson, which fell through. We passed one of the members of the Mello family carrying groceries, so we helped her out and then talked to them for a while. 
Fri Jul 4. THE 4TH! Today I made hot dogs for breakfast in honor of the US of A! We worked in the offices for a while and went to lunch. Tania Bentancor made lunch and it was super bomb, even though it was the classic Uruguayan food. Milanesa, arroz, y enselada. We couldnt get ahold of President all day so that didnt help a lot of the work we wanted to do. We had futbol game later at night and it was pretty fun. I can only really play soccer decently on a field where I can run. Then we picked up the APs who were on divisions with our ZLs. We had to wait for them for an hour, but it was alright because we had EFY music, doritos, and pomelo drinks. 

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