Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 25 - April 5, 2014

Sat Mar 29. Today we woke up and played futbol. We printed emails and then had studies. We had breakfast then took naps. We had an asado with Claudio that was pretty good. We had Arroz con leche for dessert. We wrote emails, then ended pday early to go work. I did some stuff for Hermana Smith and then reserved hotels for president.

Sun Mar 30. Today was a new day of changes. We went to the 18th Ward for the first time. I really liked the bishop and how we start with sacrament meeting. We had lunch with the barrio 5 elders. We hung out until Elder Woods finally finished packing. Then we had our weekly planning. We worked in the offices until 9. Then we moved houses to barrio 18 with Elder Sipan from Peru and Elder Santos da Silva from Brazil.

Mon Mar 31. This morning started out roughhh. We had to go to the offices early. Elder Woods computer wouldnt turn on. We went to get Carrasco to get more gas in the car because the APs returned it to us with no gas. Then we worked until lunch. We called lunch 2 hours before to confirm, and we got a confirmation. We came by to eat, but no one answered the door. All the lights were off, and the door was locked with a combination lock. So we went back to the offices and ordered Chef Gusteau. We worked for a while, then we got a call from the family asking where we were. Apparently they were home the whole time but they didnt answer the door or the phone. We then got a call from President saying he was bringing a missionary to us that had a hernea that needed to be home within 48 hours. We set a flight up for him and then we did the bolsa run. HOME AT 10:30 BOOM!

Tues Apr 1. Today was pretty crazy. We did our studies in the offices while waiting for the Flores ZLs to come get their bolsa. They didnt show up, so we called them and ended up taking their bolsa to them. Then we ran to get biscochos for breakfast. We took the Cerro bolsa to Cerro, and I saw and talked to Elder Baggett and Elder Sanderson! We had lunch with the zone. We then worked in the offices until 4, then we took the Elder with a hernea to the airport. HWe worked in the offices until 7, then we studied and visited the Betancour family. We taught about prophets and general conference. It was so nice to work in the field again.

Wed. Abr 2. Today was pretty good. We had normal studies, worked for a bit in the offices, then we went to Carrasco to drop off a couple things. We had someone bring us luncgh of milanesas. We worked in the offices until 5. Then w eran to get plaques for the Binghams, but we had no luck. They still hadnt done the plaques after 2 weeks. We left to work at 7 and then finally got into a less active member home at 8. We found out the Gomez familys work keeps them from going to church. The daughter sered her mission as the same mission as Tyler Opfar will serve! After that, we came home, killed a bunch of cockroaches, and then went to sleep.

Thur Abr 3. Today was alright. We had our personal study, then we went to Carrasco to drop off mail. We worked in the offices until lunch, then we went to look for our lunch. After our milanesas, we kept working until a lesson at 3. Our lesson was alright but we taught a less active member that has no desire to go back to church. We bought colonias weekly tickets, then we went back to the offices and tried to get an Elder home to Paraguay by a bus through Brasil. We will have to get permission from area 70 first. Then we had language study, and then headed to a lesson with the Varelas. They talked super fast but they were super nice. The hermana offered to do our laundry too! Vamo arriba!

Fri Abr 4. Today was pretty good but we had to work a lot on the go. We dropped the car off to get serviced in the morning and then we walked a couple kilometers to our bus that we had to take back. The bus was about an hour long and it was really full. A bunch of nasty sweaty people. We worked in the offices for most of the day, had our companionship study, were about to walk out the door, then we got a phone call from President saying we had to get an Elder to Montevideo from Rivera and get him a plane for ASAP. We got that all done after a while.

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