Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 4 - November 6, 2013

This week was awesome, once again.

Thursday- Today is Halloween. It doesn't even feel like it though. I received a couple care packages and that is the only reason I remembered that it was Halloween. We taught our investigator Marysol today. We really dug in deep into the lesson and tried to apply it to her life. It went really well. Elder Baggett finally felt better today. Elder Johnson, our Zone Leader, had to go to the doctor because he was having trouble getting rid of waste... We also had fun with some pescados (fish) today. Elder Brown knows a girl that works in the cafeteria and she brought us 7 live goldfish at our request. We let 3 go in the pond here and raced them down the water falls. It was hilarious. We also met the 6 new hermanas in our zone. They are all super nice and they are Intermediate Spanish speakers so they are already pretty far ahead.

Friday- Today is the month I have been waiting for my whole life. The month I leave for the mission field. November 2013. We taught a returned Missionary from Argentina and he spoke super fast and mumbled. I have never been able to not understand someone since we first got here. Elder Sanderson and Elder Brown had a towel whipping fight after Elder Sanderson got out of the shower. It was hilarious. I also got the nicest compliment ever today. We had a substitute teacher and he asked me, after our lesson together, if my companion and I were intermediate level speakers. Sadly, we aren't but it was a nice compliment!

Saturday- Nothing too exciting today. I decided to put tabs in all my scriptures according to scriptures in PMG. I have colorful scriptures now. They look sweet and they are really helpful. Tomorrow is fast Sunday. That is going to be rough. We also had one of our fish jump into our kitchen sink today but Elder Bagget saved it. We also dug into the story about David, Bathsheba, and Uriah. I never realized how good of a man Uriah was.

Sunday- Today was awesome. I finished another chapter of the tabs in the bible. Brother Williams from our branch presidency interrupted my study by asking who my companion was. I told him it was Elder Baggett and he asked to speak with us. I was somewhat nervous until he invited us to serve as the new Zone Leaders. That essentially means that I will be in charge of the 39 missionaries in our zone. I am super excited about the opportunity. We visit the Elders every night and it will be hard to fill in the shoes that were left by the last Zone Leaders. I also shared my testimony at church. Apparently it was pretty good because I got a bunch of both Sisters and Elders to cry. I had many people tell me how awesome it was after the meeting. Now I get teased by the other elders in my district on how I make girls cry. It snowed today too. Didn't stick or anything but snow is snow and I am a summer kind of guy.

Monday- Today was the first official day of being a ZL. We made our rounds to each room and talked with all the Elders. It is cool to think that I am the example for them. It snowed again today. I finished doing the tabs in the Bible and Book of Mormon and it looks awesome. The other Elders in my district, during our lesson, told us about a firsthand experience of mother nature with a couple birds and for some reason they decided to tell us and our teacher. We taught Marysol today and we had an awesome lesson. I feel like I have the spirit with me so much more now and it is so cool to recognize that and see how it affects our lessons and our lives.

Tuesday- Today was another cold day with a high of 38 degrees. We had an awesome testimony meeting with just the Elders in our district. After that, I studied and dug deep into my patriarchal blessing and the scriptures that it refers me to. It was cool to see how Heavenly Father has a plan specifically for me and my life and how he will bless me according to my obedience. We had a devotional tonight too. It was by the Zwincks. He serves in the first Quorum of the 70. Elder Baggett and I literally had the best seats in the house available for the missionaries. We had front row and middle. We were literally 12 feet away from the speakers. We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Mario today. I felt like I was speaking so fluidly and that it was just coming to me. Brother Mead, after the lesson told us that he literally didn't have anything to say to us. He said that was the best lesson that he has seen from Beginner Spanish speakers at the MTC. That was quite a compliment. He is an awesome teacher.

I am looking forward to receiving my travel plans down to Uruguay this week. Hopefully by Friday they will be here. I finally got my camera to work so I can send more pictures!

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