Testimony in Spanish:
Entonces... Yo se que este es la obra del Señor. Amo esta obra. Yo aprendi mucho y puedo aprender mas y mas cada dia. Yo amo las personas aqui en Florencio Sanchez. La mision es dificil pero divertido tambien. Jesucristo vive. Yo se que el quiere yo a sea aqui y compartir el evangelio. Yo se que HOY ES EL DIA y todos necesitamos compartir esta gran mensaje! Esta iglesia es verdadera! 

Mon Dec 9 Today was super relaxed. We woke up, bought stuff for lunch and went to Matias house. We played monopoly, prepared lunch, and hung out. We were there until about 2. Then we went to email and I got my weekly update! This week was especially awesome email wise... OU BEAT OSU HA Suckers. I was so pumped. Still pumped. Cant wait to watch that game in 22 months. We went and decorated the chapel after that. It made me kind of sad because I always love decorating our house for Christmas. That is one of my favorite things to do as a family. Elder Chali had to do some stuff on the computer for the branch after that so I played piano for a couple hours. 

Tues Dec 10 Today we had service project at Susana Reys house. We were working all morning until she called us in for lunch. We painted almost her whole house (outside) and she has a big house, for Uruguay at least. One thing that was hilarious was Elder Chali was painting on a ladder. The ladder started falling, and I ran over and caught him. He was freaking out haha. Then we got clean, and headed to Colonia Centro. We are staying with Elder Villar and Espinoza tonight because we have a big meeting tomorrow with the Area 70 over the missionaries in Montevideo. We went to a Noche de Hogar (Family home Evening) with one of their families. Their house was gorgeous. They overlooked the stadium in Colonia, and the ocean. They were super nice and we had a good time. After that, we went to the house, got ready for bed, and then waited for 4 more Elders to get to the house. Elder Baggett was one of the four Elders that came. It was so good to see him again. 

Wed Dec 11 Today we got up at 5, after going to bed at 12. We had to catch a bus at 6. The bus ride was fun. It was just our zone, and we were all headed to Montevideo so it was about 2 hours or so. Once we got to the meeting, we had zone meeting, district meeting, and then the big meeting with Elder Gonzalez (Area 70). After the meeting, I found Elder Sanderson and Elder Thacker from the MTC. I was so happy to see them. We caught up for a while and it was sweet to hear their stories. Elder Sanderson is in Rivera, right by Brazil. He said he goes to  Brazil all the time. Elder Thacker is in Montevideo, and it was cool to hear the city stories. The coolest thing at the area conference was when we sang hymns. It was so loud and so powerful. I would say there were probably 150 or so missionaries. We were louder than any other group I have ever heard sing, besides concerts. After that, we said our goodbyes, and headed our own ways. Luckily, I still had a three hour bus ride home to F.S. I talked to Elder Baggett literally the whole time. I miss him as a comp, just because he is such a stud. We got back home around 10, planned, and went to bed. 

Thur Dec 12 I was tired all day today. We had a service project in Cardona with Hermana Foitick. We were shoveling and wheel barrowing all kinds of stuff from about 7-12. Elder Mendoza and Elder Robles showed up just in time for lunch. We had lunch there, and then we went back to study. We went all the way to Mevir, and none of our appointments were home. That was pretty hard. We went to the Villegas home after that. They are adding another room on their house. Hermano Villegas was laying the concrete. That is a hard working man. He is always doing something around the house. Movie night went well. We watched Planes. Elder Chali and I left early though to try and get a lesson in, since all of our lessons fell through today. We went to two houses, and had a couple little messages with them. 

Fri Dec 13 Today was good but hard teaching wise. First off, it is freaking hot here now. Usually in the low or mid 90s. Walking around in a collared shirt and slacks isn't fun in that kind of heat. We went to Hermana Perez home to make some kind of ribs. We had to make the charcoal to cook the meat. It was pretty cool to do that, and they were pretty good. We had our weekly planning after that. We tried to talk to Nicos parents after that, but he didn't say much when when we asked if we could. After that, we had Noche de la Rama. It was fun. We left early to go contact a reference. But we found out that it was about 7 kilometers away. We didnt have time to do that. 

Sat Dec 14. Today was pretty rough. All of our appointments fell through. Elder Chali and I werent on the same page today either. It is pretty tough because I feel like I try so hard to serve, be kind, and help him out. Some times it seems like he doesnt really follow the plan. That is hard for someone like me, who needs to have things planned. We borrowed bikes today too. That was nice until Elder Chali decided to go walking speed. I didnt understand the point of bikes if we are going to go so slow. Some times his reasoning for things is legit but a lot of times I dont understand why he does things a certain way. 

Sun Dec 15 Today was much better than yesterday. We had 23 people at church, which was more than we have had the whole time I have been here. We went and talked with a ton of people. We had a stellar lesson with Matias and Lorena. Jean, Lorenas son, kept asking me about wrestling. I miss wrestling a ton. Especially hearing about Isaac and Eli wrestling every week. We also had a study session about family history. It got me excited for the work. Especially because my patriarchal blessing says that I will love it and do a lot of work. I also found out a workout routine for the mornings that I liked. Sit ups, push ups, squats, and burpees. I do that for 20 minutes and then I stretch for about 10.