Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 20/21 - March 8, 2014

Sat 22
Today we started the morning out with service. First with the Hatch couple and then we went into an abandoned house and cleaned it out and shoveled a ton of dirt.  Then we went to Presidents house and talked with his family for a while. Then we played basketball over on the court by the temple and chapel. We grabbed a quick lunch on the way back. We emailed and hung out in the offices afterwards. Then Elder Woods and I went to Tres Cruces and bought a bunch of tickets. Then we had a 30 min walk to the far corner of our area. We just had short talks 2with Gustavo and Yosua`s dad.   It was a fun pday and hopefully we can get a lot more work done this week!
Sun Feb 23. Today was a good day at church. I was asked to share my testimony as a new missionary in the Ward.  I was also asked to participate in a priesthood blessing for our Ward mission leader. We sang Called to Serve for the relief society. It was super powerfully strong. After church, we had lunch and weekly planning all day. Then we visited Mary and the PErugorria family. They were good fun visits!
Mon Feb 24. Today we woke up early and drove to buy tickets because we didnt want to break the sabbath but we had a couple tickets we had to buy before 7:00. Then we came back to the house, studied, and got ready. WE spent most of the day in the offices. I did all the numbers and baptisms for the week. Then we were left with all the bolsa stuff. We had FHE with the Cancela family. We had our bolsa run and Milkshake Monday. WE got home about 11:30.. The fun and exciting parts of my day were driving to and from 3 Cruces, buying tickets, and Elder Geschwantder almost killed someone on a moto because he just decided to do donuts in the middle of the street.
Tues Feb 25. Today we had a zone capacitación. We had a suprise phone call at the airport informing us of 3 brazilian missionaries who had come to serve in our mission. The only records we had of them were for them to come a month later, which obviously didnt happen. So we made a couple phone calls and got it all figured out. After the zone conference I did change cards and oro cards until 9 when we had to go get groceries. I also ordered my awesome leather bound scripture cases today!
Wed. Feb 26. Today we had a great lesson with Ursula. WE had our normal studies in the morning and we worked in the offices with a lunch break of rice with hot dogs and eggs. I did more change cards today and prep for the new missionaries that just came in.. WE asked hermana Pricioni to come to our lesson with ursula. She is a great member who knows a lot about the góspel. She also speaks fluent portuguese, which helped Ursulas mom,  who speaks just Portuguese. Ursula and her mom loved hermana Pricioni and I hope it sparks something so she will go to church. After our first half of the Plan of Salvation lesson, we gave Ursula a blessing becuase she didnt feel good. It was super cool and I feel like I am finally getting pretty good at them in Spanish! Then for mutual with the YM, we played chair soccer.
Thur Feb 27. Today was pretty crazy. WE started out with studies, ran to get our Money for this month, and then went to the Aduana to get packages. Then we went to Carrasco. We ate sloppy joes for lunch, took packages to president, took a phone list to Presidents wife, talked to the APs, set up a powerpoint presentation, talked to missionaries from Rivera, bought stuff from the Distribution Center, gave Money to Elder Arbon to buy us soccer jerseys in Rivera, and got signatures from President. When we got back from Carrasco, we had a lesson with Ursula that went pretty well. We passed by Fernando and Hermana Quartino. Pretty chaotic today, but tomorrow should be better!
Fri Feb 28. Today I started out my day running with E Lamb. We got attacked by a bunch of dogs and I accidently (90% accidently) kicked a dog into a wall. We only ran for about 20 minutes but I almost died. I had a great personal study about the second coming in DyC 77. After, we had biscocho viernes, retrieved the bolsas, and then we had to go downtown to order plaques. Then when we were finally going to start office work, we got a call to help bring some missionaries from Cerro back to their area early for an activity all the way from Carrasco. That took us until about 7 and then we had coorelation with our Ward mission leader.
Sat Mar 1. Today we got up early and played soccer with a bunch of other elders. Then we printed emails, and took the APs to an appointment. We got los ton the way home and drove the wrong way almost to Delta Tigre. We got our hair cut and I got mine super short. Then we went back to the offices, emailed, ordered lunch, and played basketball. Then we came home to change before we went to work. WE went to the rich part of the area but nothing happened. We taught Ursula with Hermana Pricioni and her daughter, Nicole. It was a great lesson but pretty long. It was probably the best lesson we have had with her. She is becoming friends with Nicole so we are hoping that will help her!
Sun Mar 2. Today was great. Ursula ended up spending the night with the Pricionis last night, and then came to church with them. WE had a great fast and testimony meeting and I got to play the piano for the first time in this Ward . We had lunch with the family Maio. He was the bishop not long ago. He and his wife were both super nice. We ate rice with hot dogs. After that, we visited the Ruiz family. We hung there for a while and then we had a planning session. We visited hermana Cortino because she didnt come to church. We went to the Cal house afterwards. They have two boys, Michael (18) and Kelvin (20). They played the guitar together and sang. It was super fun and really really cool. We sang a couple songs too. We shared a scripture and spiritual thought with them before we left. We had dinner with the couple missionaries, the Binghams too.
Mon Mar 3. Today was a great day for being Monday. Mondays are crazy in the offices. I spent the morning doing the numbers and the afternoon I was doing the ZLKI sheets and preparing the bolsas. WE went to Ursulas house lated and asked what she thought about church. She said she loved it and was impressed by how invited and welcomed she felt. We had a really good time with her until her mom busted in and started DROPPING CANE on her. Then we went to the Perugorria home and I got destroyed in ping pong by a bunch of teenagers, and my companion. We came to FHE late and we just had time toe at the snacks... darn. We had the bolsa run and milshake Monday and we got home at 10:45! RECORD!
Tues Mar 4. Today I was doing the ZLKI almost all day. I was adding new formulas and starting a March spreadsheet. I was trying to make my life easier with adding new formulas, but it took a lot of time trying to figure it out. I am loving how much I am learning about Excel though! We had a district meeting in ENGLISH. We have 8 missionaries in our district and 6 of them are gringos. The 2 latinos werent there so we decided to do the meeting in English. It was super weird but super fun. Our opening hymn was God Bless America. I worked on the ZLKI still until we had mutual, which ended up getting cancelled.

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