Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 17 - February 11, 2014

Heading to Montevideo tonight to be a mission secretary!  "Tengo una noticia de los cambios! Me voy a Montevideo, la zona Oeste, voy a trabajar como secretario en las oficinas! Nueva companero sera Elder Woods. ME voy a las 4 hoy. "

Mon feb 3 today we had the leader meeting. I talked with E Gomez y E Mackinlay the whole time. When we were leaving, Hermana Smith, the daughter of the mission president, gave me a note because she was headed back to the states. Elder Chali was not happy about it and told me to write Presidnet smith about it. So I wrote president smith a letter about how nice his daughter is. We ate with Elkder Trucolo Argentina, Espinoza Peru, Baggett Nevada, Averett idk, Arguello Pâraguay, and gomez peru. WE had chicken and rice. it was fin. WE had a visit with mirta when we got back. she had a girl there named Rosio who is 8. Rosio learned what we taught super quick and mirtha is rather slower... She was the cutest little girl and she was really funny too. WE visted the lopez and shared a scripture. We went to teach carlos, who we contacted yesterday. He is super nice and wants to learn more.

Tues feb 4. Today we had our district meeting. it went really well but our bolsa didnt come with the mail. WE had matambre with lorena matias vanessa and jean afterwards with all the district (6) of us. It was a super lesson with matias to try and get a baptisimal date. it was a super strong sprititual lesson but he is still not wanting to put a date to it. We talked to mirtah after and finished preparation for her enterview tomorrow. We talked to hermano villegas about being a leader and stopping smoking. One hilarious thing that happened today was that Mirtha farted in our lesson. No one said anything for a while and then Rosio just started cracking up and that started a good 1 min laugh session. 

wed feb 5 today we started off with a lesson that fell through. the zls came and did the interview with mirtha. SHE PASSED haha. WE will have her baptism saturday. WE met with the arrue family after. it went well. Matias wasnt in a good mood after our super lesson yesterday. We also had a big storm and i took a picture of the clouds and there is a big lightning bolt that just so happened to go off right when i took it. Its a sweet picture. 

Thur feb 6. today was my daddys bday and I had no communication with him. The morning was slow because elder chali wasnt happy. I wrote him and note and made his bed. I hope it helped a bit. It rained all day. working in rain is hard because everyone just sleeps all day. We only had one lesson and it was during the activity for the branch. We had gizo with hermana rey. 

Fri Today it started pouring rain and the end of the day was HOT. WE had good visits and spiritual messages with the perez, rey, and villegas families. We visted mirtha and rosio and rosio astounded us again. We found out her mom is one of the ladies we met in mervir that had a ton of kids about a month or so ago. 

Sat feb 8. WE had the baptism for Mirtha. it was great and super spiritual. I was super happy and everything went great. Jose Gomez did the ordinance. We emptied the font and cleaned the church after and we got home late. HOY ES EL DIA! We just prepped for the baptism all day. 

Sun feb 9. Church was great. I taught EQ about the Plan of salvation and then gave a talk about mervy. WE had a good lunch and convo with matias and lorena. We also visited the villegas, daniel, sus rey, and marie. We had the confirmation of mirta today. Last day of my training and we had a baptism and confirmation to end it! 

Mon Today was vrazy. WE mowed the lawn at sus reys house. WE got the call about changes from President Smith. He told me I am headed to the offices to work as a secretary with Elder Woods. I am really nervuos and dont know what to expect... The other missionaries dont like the secretaries because if you mess up one thing... Someone doesmt have mail, money, or a bus somewhere.  I thought about basically every possibility for changes exepct that. We visited lorena, nico, adrian, susana foitick, and ana mesa after that.

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