Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 16- February 3, 2014

Mon Jan 27. Today we had a normnal meeting and all that. After we   had a lesson with the Arrue   and Daniel. They both  went very well! Today Elder Chali was pretty down and he is usually down after meetings. I didnt have the best attitude and I was feeling sorry for myself but I will do better tomorrow. 

Tues Jan 28. Today we had district meeting. We had a district change because Rosario is having problems. Elder Chali was not happy. He feels like all the leaders are so focused on numbers.  We left  after the meeting and it was fine after. We visited the Villegas and then had a branch meeting in our area. It was great and we were much better after the meeting.                           We had a good convo during our branch meeting. We chowed on Oreos that I recevied in a package this week afterwards and I showed Elder Chali how north americans eat oreos and he loved it. 

Wed Jan 29. Today we had a lot of lessons planned but almost all fell through. We set up the baptisimal font and we hope it will excited the members and investigators. WE have a good meeting with the Morales family. We had a good lunch with Suana Rey and Foitik. Matias and Mirtas appointments fell through so we will meet with them tomorrow. 

 Thur Jan 30 Today was odd at the beginning.   Elder Chali was on the phone and told a sister in the ward a joke. She got offended and started to cry. We went to her house to go try and figure things out but she wasnt there.  Then we had lunch we went to Susana Reys house. WE went to mirtas house too and set a baptisimal date for feb 8. We went to lorenas after and had a good lesson with her. I taught 10 people in English class and we had about 20 people show up to movie night. That was a record! I   was super sore today because I did a bunch of lunges for excercise. 

Frid Jan 31 Today started off great for me. I finished the BO M f or the first time on the mission and now I am going to read in JUST SPANISH if I can. WE had service in the morning with Olga.              WE cut down the forest that was in her backyard and it was GIANT weeds that were bigger than me.    I almost died because of my allergies and I got a couple blisters out of it.     We had milanesas for lunch and then we had our  weekly planning. WE found out that the baptisimal font was leaking so we drained it with a 5 gallon bucket. It took me forever. Our activity was a bust.  We had about 15 kids come and just           mess it all up.    I am working on my  patience and trying to have more of a Christlike mindset. 

Sat Feb 1. Today we had a lesson with the Villegas. It was pouring and their house started to flood. WE were fighting it for a while until we finally figured out where the watert was coming from... the cement on the ground.                       We  ate with them after wards and then we had to prepare our classes for tomorrow. WE had  ping pong for our activity and only a few showed up but it went well. 

Sun Feb 2. Today it rained all day. Church went well. I had a record  1 0 people come to elder quorum and then we had 18 people come to sacrament meeting. Considering it was cool and pouring and most peopple walk, that was really good.    We had two lunches today. Hamburgers with susana rey and then we went to lorenas. She fed us something that ssmelled like something that would come out of you r body and not something that you would put in your body. I still ate it t hough. We went to the Villegas and gave Jorge a belssing because he didnt feel good. jWe went to the smorales home and had a good lesson with them too. We had a cool experience going home too. A man stopped us and asked us if we could come visit him sometime. Of course we said we would. WE are going to have a visit with him later today! 

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