Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 18 - February 15, 2014

Monday Feb 10 Today was crazy! We had service at Susana Reys house in the morning cutting the lawn. We got a call from president at 11:10 in the morning. He told us that Elder Chali will be staying in FLo Sanchez with Elder Husaya from Peru, and that I will be heading to the offices to work as a secretary with Elder Woods. After that call, I was thinking about my new opportuninty all day. I thought about almost everything possible change wise, besides going to the offices. We visited Nico, Adrian, Susana Foitick, and Ana Mesa during the day. We had dinner with Lorena, Matias, y Vanessa because I am headed out. I don know how to feel about it but I know it will be a ton of hard, but different work. plus, all the other missionaries arent big fans of the secretaries. It should be an adventure.

Tues Feb 11. Today was my last day with Elder chali and it was Pday. We had chicken and french fries with Valeria Perez for lunch. Then I packed, we cleaned the house, and headed out in pouring rain. My umbrella broke, so we ended up SOAKED. We took a bus to El General and then Elder Arguello and I were new companions for a day. He is from Paraguay and this is his last change in the mission. We had dessert at a members house. After that, Elder teloma met up with us. We went to visit the branch president of E Arguellos ward and then we bought our last Fagar de Manzana. Fagar is only sold in Colonia, so I will miss it! Elder Averett and Baggett were at the house when we got back. We all got to bed around 12.

Wed Feb 12. We woke up at 3:30 today and caught a bus to Montevideo at 4:30. I met Elder Woods in the terminal. He is from Blackfoot Idaho and he is 6 foot 3. He was born on August 11, 93. He has been out for 15 months. He has a twin brother that is serving right now in Peru. He is in the offices because he has a torn ACL. He also has personal problems because he is balding ;) He is super nice. We worked with the new Elder and Hermanas coming in today. We helped the APs and the President all day with whatever they needed. We had two meals that were both in the mission headquarters lunchroom. I havent had American food since Utah and that was awesome to eat sloppy joes, and a bunch of eggs with bacon and potatoes. We went to the offices later, did some work there, prepped the bolsas to send out, and then we got home around 10:30. It isnt hard physical work, but I will lack more sleep, and Spanish will not increase as fast. 

Thur Feb 13. Today was somewhat of a normal day in the offices. We woke up, excercised and got ready, and then we studied at the offices. We had a zone meeting that went well but I miss elder Bullochs excitement in Colonia as ZL. After that, I filled out baptisimal record and submitted them on the computer to the church and to the President. That took almost all day. We had a lunch break for spaghetti. Then we went to Tres Cruces, the GIANT bus terminal, and we bought a ton of bus tickets. We finally planned and should have a normal work day tomorrow too. 

Friday Feb 14. Valentines day. Hermana Smith and Bingham (married missionary couple) brought us goodies today. The day was pretty normal. We worked in the offices until 6 with a lunch break. We ate with a member that fed us a TON. It was good food though. After the day of office work, we headed to our area but our lesson fell through. After that, we had to take an Elder to the airport. We stopped by presidents house and Elder Woods and I talked with the presidentss 16 year old son, Jerry. He gave us Hagen Daas ice cream and we just talked for a while. After we went to the airport, we had to go pick up the APs in Cerro. After that, we went home and went to bed. It was fun riding in the car because we just belted EFY songs the whole time. Elder woods is pretty fun to have around. 

THE OFFICES: I am really enjoying the offices but I feel like I am going to get fat here. We eat and get spoiled by the married missionaries and the mission Presidents family. We have our own computers and desks. We get to DRIVE too. It is sweet. Pretty soon I will be a licensed driver in Uruguay and have two cards to prove it. I think thats pretty sweet. I have a Texas Flag hanging on my computer. Our house is sweet and we have a washer AND dryer. We and the APs are the only missionaries that are blessed with both.  The down side is that we have 4 gringos that we live and work with. So my Spanish wont increase as much as I want. I am still holding proud the claim of the youngest missionary in the mission. Its pretty sweet to work on the computers because I literally have access to everything. I have called a couple buddies from the MTC for bus tickets, so that was fun! I am loving the offices though. 

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