Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 15 - January 27, 2014

Mon jan 20 today was great. we had the regular meeting lunch and email. Pday was nice. We went to go to see a new possibility for a new chapel. It is a huge building that used to be a club. We will make it sacred though... We met the Sailers afterwards. Hermano Sailer was the president of the branch but they are now inactive. They were super nice though! We ran into a man who was a bit tipsy on the way home. He talked about nothing for 10 minutes. It was hilarious actually. I could actually understand a drunk man talking Spanish though so I think thats pretty impressive. 

Tues Jan 21 Today we had a zone meeting. We don't have any money today though so I just ate a sandwich one of the sisters gave me for lunch. I am making eggs I found right now though. We had a big meeting with our branch about the new chapel opportunity and everyone is super excited! QUE ANIMO! I was super pumped all day today, because HOY ES EL DIA 

Wed Jan 22. Today was one of the best days yet. We went to look at the new chapel again with a couple members. They liked it but it needs a lot of work. We had lunch with Sonnia Rodriguez and her husband. They just had their 48th anniversary. She married her husband when she was 16 and he was 22. Thats insane. We contacted these guys that were smoking in a park too. They were at first pretty shy, but one of them asked why there are so many churches that are Jesus Christs church. We taught them the first lesson. Two of them were actually interested so we are going to keep teaching them! Long story short, we had an amazing spiritual experience with teaching 2 guys that smoke how to pray! Crazy I know, but AMAZING. 

Thurs Jan 23. Today was HOTTT. We had 2 appointments scheduled with the guys from yesterday but they fell through. However we met with Mirta finally and she said she can come to church. If so, she can get baptized! We had the famous Villegas family gizo for lunch. It was really good. We had 3 people show up to the activity today. I taught how to pray in English class and we watched Smurfs 2. Last night I didnt fall asleep until 4am so I am hoping I can get some sleep tonight

Friday Jan 24. Today we had awesome weather so we changed our weekly planning to tomorrow. We had service with Lorena. We cut her 2 foot tall weeds that cover her yard. It took all afternoon. We had lunch with the Mesa Family. It went really well because we want to teach Daniel, their 17 year old son. The others are members. We had a ping pong tournament for our activity. I won it but the best part about it was that we had 5 new people come that we want to visit! 

Sat Jan 25. Today we had service with Susana Rey  mowing the lawn. We had our weekly planning session after that. IT went really well. We are doing great. We visited Estela Perez for a minute and then the Villegas but they werent home. We had two people show up to our activity but it was fun! 

Sun Jan 26. Today was odd. I taught Elders Quorum about marriage, I directed the sacrament meeting, and I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about humility. I thought it went really well. We had a man come in to sacrament who is CRAZY. Literally. Crazy. He was commenting about everything we said but we would always just talk louder in the microphone. We are working on our patience and actually doing much better. After we had 5 hours of bajando la caƱa because of stupid gossip that is passed around the church about nothing really. Lorena and Matias lifted our spirits afterwards though and we had a great attitudes at the end of the day! 

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  1. sounds like he is doing awesome! i love reading the updates-thanks for posting!