Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Friday, January 3, 2014

Week 12 & 11 Feliz Navidad!

Tues Dec 24. Today we had a district meeting in parque cazo. We ate like kings. We got hair cuts too. We made christmas cards for all the members and investigators too. We wanted to go see all of them today but we took too long at most of the houses. We had a sweet message with Hermana Perez. She always is super nice and i love how she calls me her hijo and she calls us chicilinis. We had another feast for dinner with the villegas. Everyone has a feast around 11 and shoots fireworks off at 12. Even little kids are running around with lighters and fireworks that could do some pretty solid damage. Yesterday I didnt have time to send my weekly email so i am behind! I am super pumped for skype tomorrow! I cant believe it is christmas eve. I am sad my family pajamas didnt come in, but i will live without them. 

Christmas day 2013 today was great. We slept in, went to lunch with tamara, and then i skyped my family. That was the happiest i have been in a while.However, it was really hard to come back to reality in Uruguay once I hung up. The call made me feel like I was back at home. Today I got the Uruguay finger applause down too. I practiced ALL DAY today, after practicing for a couple weeks. My arms are sore, but I can do it with both hands! 

26 dec Today E Robles left for his house. We woke up at 415 to take him to the bus stop. WE came back at 530 and went back to bed. We got ready for a normal day and then E Chali decided to call another Elder. We were, at that time, in a trio with E Mendoza, E robles old comp. Come to find out, he had to leave for colonia centro in an hour. We had to pack his stuff really quick and take him to colopnia. We got back at about 730 and we watched prince of persia for movie night. 

27 dec. Today was long day and lots of walking. WE walked from the farthest part of cardona to the farthest part of florencio sanchez. With had an odd experience with tamaras family. her whole family was there and they were just basically talking about us, right in front of us. They have 4 girls all under 19. Also, the tempple trip i have been waiting for forever just got cancelled because not enough people would be able to come.Today was the 5th consecutive day of my same white shirt. I have been washing it every night because we still havent gotten our clean clothes back. Needless to say, its a bit dirty. 

28 dec. Today we had two appointments that took a while, but they actually went pretty well. WE had chapel cleaning after, and then played ping pong for our activity. I finally used my water container in my back pack because it was about 105 degrees today. The water was heavenly, until it got hot too. 

29 dec. today was a sad attendance at church. we had 9 come, not including E chali and I. We didnt have two of our speakers show up, so I had to give a talk on the spot. It went really well actually. We are having a great experience with Mirta, but Matias is having trouble lately with the gospel. Today was the last day of my first transfer! Woohoo! 

30 dec. Today was the day that I have probably learned the most spanish. But more importantly, I talked more. I talked a lot! Even some of our investigators said something about me talking so much. I was just trying to find anything and everything to say. The work has hard today but we had great attitudes. We had service at lorenas, and we cleaned out her pool. Yesterday we found out that Elder Chali is our new district leader. We have the ZLs, STLs, and Rosario in our district. That should be fun. 

I am finally fitting in and making friends here. It is amazing how gaining trust of the members and investigators changes their view of you. I have definitely learned to be more patient and be flexible. I hate not being so punctual, but I have seen how the members really appreciate our company when we just enjoy it. I am ready to eat a ton tonight! Let the New Year festivities begin!

Dec 23 Today we had a movie party with our district. We played soccer too. I was super happy during emails because Isaac got first in his wrestling tournament, my friend Sean got his VISA to BRAZIL approved, and my friend Sam submitted his papers! I love that all my friends are going on missions! We had fish for dinner, and I am not a huge fan, but I managed and I ate two servings that she gave me! 

Dec 22 Today was the last day for E Robles and Mendoza here, and the last sunday for robles here in the mission! Crazy! I had another suprise lesson with 3 young men. We planned with the other elders today because they are making cardona and flornecio sanchez the same area.

Dec 21. Today was odd. We had a ward activity and the planning, preparing, and doing it, took ALL DAY. It went very well though. We had a feast and played games.

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