Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 14 - January 20, 2014

Monday Jan 13 14 - Today we emailed, cleaned, and got ready to do the Lords work! We visited Lorena Vanessa and Matias. We talked about praying. It was a great leson. WE went to the Acevedo family later. They were talking about going to church and they want us to prepare them for the temple! We were pumped for this! Good day

Tues Jan 14 14. Today we had a district meeting and I got packages too! We had a good day of work considering  we only had a couple houras. We we had a couple contacts in Cardona. We visited the Villegas  family so we could teach Joaquin but he wasn't there. We alo went to the lopez and shared alma 7 with them. 

Wed Jan 15 today we got up at 4. We went to nueva helvecia for interviews with president smith. We got there at 6 twenty and no one was at the church. We went to the ZL home and they were still asleep. They got up a couple minute later and went to the church. The interview was aweome. I didn't really know what to expect from it. I went in talking Epanol and then he started talking in English so I did too. The first thing he asked was how I was doing. I told him I am GREAT. He told me that he knows the Lord put me there through personal inspiration. He told me he wants a nicer chapel in our area. He also told me my EpaƱol is GREAT. He told me he is confident in me and knows I will be a great missionary. The AP told me my spanish is good too! They are both Latinos.   After the meeting. E Ramoc was talking with the con of president smith. he called me over to translate for him because they couldn't have a convo haha. I was very happy he asked me and I actually did pretty well! I was super excited after today. We had a great Noche de hogar with the Villegas family. 

Thur Jan 16. Today was HOT. over 100. Today was pretty normal but E Chali had to do a lot of stuff for the branch so we didnt work a ton. I taught Englih class again. It went pretty well. WE watched despicable  me two for movie night. We were happy all day today. 

Fri Jan 17. Today a lot of sad,bad thing happened. The uncle of Matia is dying. Cucana opez is in the hospital. We watched the lamb of God video for the activity that we only had 3 people come to but it was uper Awecome ecperience. The Spirit was super strong. WE had our weekly planning today too. It went pretty well. 

Saturday Jan 18. Today was different but great. we had to go to Nueva helvecia for a baptismal interview. I played ping pong with the ZL while it was going on. We were waiting for our bus home and Hermana Smith drove up. She just talked to us and asked how we are doing. She also asked if they could take us home but it was way out of the way and I told her not to worry about it. They came back 5 min later with ice cream. oreo, mento, water, and yogurt. They are an AWEOME family. 

Sunday. Jan 19. Today was normal. E Chali felt bad though. Church was good. I blessed the sacrament and taught EQ. We had lunch with hermana Rey. We contacted 4 guys that were mid twenty. We also visited matia and she is doing better. 

I feel like my Spanish is really good now. I feel like I bacically understand everything. I dont know if my shoes will last long. They are already pretty worn haha. My feet are even tearing on the bottom. I am doing great though! 

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