Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 13 - January 13, 2014

There is nothing better I can be doing right now. I have been able to recognize more and more blessings this week. I just feel more comfortable with the language and the people, and I am figuring out how to teach specific people according to what they need to hear. It is amazing to be able to do this FULL TIME. I love it here. I love the work that we can do as missionaries. We can literally change peoples lives. I am seeing it happen everyday. Prayers are amazing and I have seen that especially this week. Just small prayers in my head for my companion while he is testifying, or small prays that everything will be okay, or that this man will want to listen to our message. Prayers really work, according to our faith.

Mon Jan 6. today we had a leader meeting. we had lunch with everyone there. it was super fun. i talked with every single missionary there too. It is nice to speak english with gringos at meetings, but it is also great to see how much I have progressed when I talk to the oros. I found out that THE SOONERS BEAT ALABAMA! We went to Mevir after our travels and had two lessons with inactive families. They are awesome and we cant figure out why they dont come to church. I was super energized today. We had a great day. 

Tues Jan 7 . Today we had a district meeting. IT went well but Elder Chali wasnt actign normal after. When we got back to the house, he laid it all down and I was able to help him out. I taught him a lot o english today. It poured all day. I got letters from a bunch of friends today too. That was super nice! I also got my Christmas eve PJS! 

Wed Jan 8. Today was great. We had great lessons and worked hard all day. We just worked all day. We didnt have any activities or anything. I also found out that they mow their grass here with weed eaters. Fun fact. Great day. 

Thu Jan 9. Today was 3 MONTHS IN! I went on divisions with Elder Rufi who is in Rosario. We worked in his area. We had two lessons of our 9 planned. The rest fell through. WE walked a ton. We had a ping pong activity with the branch, but the 4 people that showed up were just missionaries, so we went back to work. I also found out that I am not gaining as much weight as I thought I was... I finally found a scale! 

Friday Jan 10 Today it rained a ton. We had our studies, lunch with Hermana Rey, and then our weekly planning sesh. We felt good about it and hoping for a good week. We also had noche de la rama. We played a bunch of fun games and everyone had a great time. I had a great attitude today. Great attitudes are contagious. 

Sat Jan 11 Today was a good day. We were always talking, we had great lessons, etc. We had service at Hermana Reys house. We mowed the lawn, with a weedeater. We had great weather. 

Sun 12 14. Today we had 21 people at church. Sadly, Mirta didnt come, so we have to postpone her bap`tism again. However the Villegas and Arrue families came. They are less active or maybe even inactive. I got to teach another suprise lesson in Elders quorum. I taught the first lesson of gospel principles too. I should probably just have a lesson plan every sunday... I conducted sacrament meeting this week too. It went really well. We had a man come to us after sacrament meeting and he just wanted to bible bash. After he finished talking, I took him to the hall to just talk. We had a good convo. We just talked for a few minutes and I tried to be super nice to him. I hope he walked away with a good impression of us, after bashing us. Sundays are the day of rest in the world, but in the mission field, it is WORK DAY. We have a ton of work to do on Sundays, but I always have great experiences on sundays.

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