Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 85 - June 8, 2015


This week flew by. We had a zone pday together, a zone capacitation and interviews with President Smith, which we had to prepare a lot for! I love being able to teach all of the missionaries in the zone! Its really super fun! We studied a lot of the Gathering of Israel, which I am absolutely loving now. We teach it as a lesson to members so they will help us more with the work! Interviews lasted all day. We got to the stake center at 8:15 in the morning and we left at 7:30 in the afternoon. They were great though. I love President Smith. I just wish I could spend more time around him to learn more! My interview went great though. Once again very short but so great. I just asked President how I could help others more. Seriously like every word he said in the interview was just to build me up. He is an incredible man.

We are killing it in our area. We have a lot of investigators now. We are finding people like crazy but sadly most of the couples need to get married, which takes time. There is a couple getting married on the 18th but they arent super excited anymore about getting baptized. We can hardly ever meet them in their house. 
There is a family that I LOVE! Hugo and Estefani are their names. They have two super cute kids too. They are very humble but also very generous too. They always give us something to eat when we go to their house. 

The Bueno family has two kids from Utah staying with them. They got here last week and will stay here for 3 months. Their father is from Mexico and their mom is from Peru. They speak pretty good spanish but they are learning a lot too! The boy Joshua is going to be 17 this month and is entering his senior year. His sister Jessica is 15 and going to be a sophomore. They have both gone to school here and had some interesting experiences with the kids there. They are super fun to talk to though! We worked with Joshua one day this week and he loved it! 

We talked with the stake president and thought of a stake activity that we are going to start this week. Its so the members will read the BOM more! For 15 weeks we will be reading 15 stories from the BOM. This week we will be studying 1 Nephi 4 for example. Halfway and at the end we will have a stake activity in which every ward will perform a story from the BOM in like a skit. Everyone here loves the idea and we will see how it goes! 

This week all of the elders in our house made a pretty crazy compromise so that we will be smarter when we get back and so that we can be the best fathers and husbands possible! I meant to bring it to tell you guys what I wrote but I forgot it... :) 

Artigas is awesome. I love it here! 

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