Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 4, 2014 - Week 42

Fernando & Joaquin

Okay I am writing my first letter out of the offices! I just got to San Fernando last night at about 11. This week, we had changes. They were super crazy. First of all, we had changes. We had a ton of more changes than ever before. I have no idea why. Then, we had 17 missionaries that had to travel to Argentina to be able to have residency here in Uruguay. The financers ran out of money, and we had an oro that came at a different time from the rest of them. The oros were awesome. Super great group. I slept with the oros and then went to the health test with them. I still hold the all time mission record for push ups and I did the most of the day too :) The health test was really fun to go to because it was just a long wait so I got to talk to all the gringos who were super scared, nervous, and excited about it all. I ate some awesome food too. 
On my last pday in the offices, we had to be at the Charla Fogonera practice for most of the day, so that was a blown pday. I had to go early too because I was in the groups for singing. My ward was super awesome with all my going away festivities. I got a ton of food, and our investigator Fernando gave me a new tie! It was super awesome. I felt like I have really got to know a lot of people and I can speak well enough to have good relationships with them now. 
The charla fogonera ended up AMAZING. We had a TON of people show up, although I dont know the exact number. There were a lot of emergencies and complications right before but it all ended up well. An hour before, we still couldnt get the projectors to work for the video portion. Also, we had a hermana who didnt feel good and couldnt hit her notes, and she had a solo. She rocked it though when it counted. Then when we were going through the final practice, there was a random song that a group put in that I have never heard before. President stopped the song in the middle and said we couldnt sing it because it wasnt good. So... With ten minutes before game time, we made a group and sang Nearer my God to thee. Its a very easy song, and it sounds awesome in parts. I sang bass, Elder Moffat sang tenor, which is funny because he is HUGE. Then 3 hermanas sang the alto and soprano parts. It sounded amazing though honestly. We sang acapella the last verse and it was SUPER AWESOME. Maybe I can somehow get it on video. Afterwards, I said goodbye to a lot of the people from my ward, and a bunch of the missionaries. Then we had to wait for a while.Then I drove my last time to my new house in Ciudad de la Plata. It is not a city of money, even though thats what it means. Its basically just like the interior part of the country again, which I have missed. My new house is VERY humid and gross, but I spent this whole morning cleaning just the kitchen, which looks a LOT better. The house is huge and its just two of us. Elder Morales is my companion. He was born in Mexico, but has lived in Italy for the last 14 years. He is very quiet, but a good kid. I havent been with him for a whole day yet, so I will have more about him to tell yall next week. I have heard a lot of good things about the ward and it will be fun to see how this week goes. I am excited to get out and work. I almost want to stop pday to get out and work! I have had the most calm morning that I have had in 6 months. Its crazy how crazy the offices are and how accostomed I got to the offices. 
I am going to miss the offices, but I am excited to be out to work all the time again. Let me tell you, it is pretty darn cold when you have to walk around all the time. Our area is huge too. We have to walk 15 minutes to just get to our area. We live two blocks from the church, super market, the cyber place, bus stop, and the hermanas in our ward. We have everything super close, but our area  haha. There are no investigators here right now that are progressing. I am interesting to met people and see how hard this is going to be. The Lord never said it would be easy though, he just said it would be worth it. 
I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish this week. It was awesome and really cool. President Hinckleys promise I think is true for me, after reading it in a different language, I would consider myself fluent! 
This weeks highlight was definitely the charla fogonera, we had so many people there and the spirit was just so strong! It was a great manifestation and testimony builder of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, and the restoration of the gospel, through Joseph Smith. 
I hope everyone is doing great and I hope you all know that I love you more than you know! Have a wonderful week! 

Love Elder Cordy

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