Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 45 - August 25, 2014

Hey Family and Friends! This week was crazy weather wise. Last monday I was playing soccer with the zone and dying from the heat. Now, we have a tropical storm that is here and we havent been able to stay warm or dry! 
This week I had a couple gifts for my birthday! I got a couple packages, letters, and gifts from families in the ward. The Maldonado family gave me gloves and a beanie that say Uruguay, and the Lopez family gave me a cake! 
This week we had 3 different opportunities to do service. Two of them were painting and one of them was to help move furniture. One of the beds we were moving was too big so the lady asked me to saw off a part of the head so it would fit. It was pretty funny and fun to saw a bed! 
This week we are going to be eating a lot by ourselves because we dont have very many lunches. This week was pretty great though. We only had two days that we werent given food and we ate lunch with the hermanas. One day we made Tacos and the other day we had Milanesas and rice. Both days we had cake from my birthday :) 

This week I was able to do divisions on Friday with our district leader. They were awesome. We had a great day and it was super fun to be able to see that I already know the area and people well. Its super cool to see how I have progressed as a missionary. I feel like I can teach pretty well now and that I can truly help people according to what THEY NEED. In the day of the divisions, we found a new investigator and had a lesson with him, we contacted a reference and we taught him, we got a lady who hasnt been to church in 30 years commit to coming to church this week and for the rest of her life, and we had a awesome lesson with our investigator Flor, who is progressing quite well. We taught Flor the Word of Wisdom and she committed to stop smoking! 

This week was Stake Conference at church. Our ward was in charge of the choir, and we had a whole 4 men participate. Lots of women though. Not a lot of people went to stake conference, but it was very good and fun to ride a big bus as a ward to Montevideo. 

This Monday was a holiday, thats why I am writing today! It also was the day of the strong tropical storm. We walked all day around with beanies, scarves, gloves, umbrellas, and basically all we had. We still managed to get soaked though because the wind blew the cold rain horizontal. Our pants and socks were drenched. One day I probably wont forget! Good to make those kind of days though right!? 

This week I have a couple people I want to talk about. 
First of all, I wanted to name all the people that are less actives, that came to church last Sunday! The Cualgia family, the Desalvo family, and Graciela. We are getting a lot of success with teaching the Doctrine of Christ to less actives and getting them back to church! 
Sonia, hasnt been to church in 30 years and committed to go for the rest of her life after the best lesson of the week in my opinion! That lesson was definitely guided by the spirit and I would say it went almost perfectly! 
Flor. Our star investigator! She is doing great. Reading the book of Mormon, praying, stopping smoking slowly but surely, and invites us over EVERY DAY. Its almost like she wants us to be in her house more than her family! She is super nice and loving. She always has hot chocolate ready for us and she calls me Yankee, and laughs every time she says it. 
Valentina is the recent convert from the area. She has had a lot of doubts lately and has decided she wants time away from church to think. 
Noemi and Juana we have been teaching for a while, but this week, Juana told us that her son told her she cant listen to us anymore. That was pretty bumming after seeing them be so happy every time we visit! 

We had a hard week, but we are still having success. I am doing great and we feel pretty blessed! Thanks for all your support and love! I miss and love you all a ton! 

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