Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, August 10, 2014

July 26, 2014 - Week 41

Saturday Jul 19. Today was a fun Pday. One bad thing that happened was that we were playing futbol in the morning. I kicked Elder Teloma on the shin and we ended up taking him to the hospital because he couldnt walk. Everything should be fine though. We also shopped at a ferria today and we bought a bunch of cheap groceries and other funky Guayan stuff. We had a lesson about "despertandose en cuanto a Dios." I have no idea how to make that sound good in English so sorry about that. 
Sun Jul 20. Today we had ward conference. We had the biggest attendance that Ive seen in the 18th ward. It was 63 people. We had a weekly planning and numbers session after that. 
Mon Jul 21. Today was insane. We finished the bolsa super quick. We had to pick up hermanas from 3C and take them later. They all wanted to write their families. Then we had to wait for their food they ordered. We ran to 3C and told the hermanas to run to the bus. They walked, we drove to go park, and then we saw them missing their bus. They left an hour later though. Then we went to Hermana Smiths house, just thinking we would be there for an hour. Hermana Smith ended up taking us on a shopping spree. We had to get things for the mission but then she took us and had us fill up a cart of things we wanted from a big Tienda Inglesa, which is a big supermarket. Then she took us to Jean Vernier, a nice dress store. She told us to get what we needed. I told her I was doing great but she ended up making me get a tie at least. Starla helped me pick out a nice purple paisley tie. We then had dinner at her house. I felt like it was my birthday with grandma and grandpa! Hermana Smith is the sweetest woman. We actually joked later in the week that we should take her to get the packages out of customs, just because she would be so nice to people and they would give us the packages. 
Tues Jul 22. Today we had a practice for the charla fogonera. The financers had a miss communication with eachother and they ended up missing the big bus ride to the practice. The new financer was NOT happy at all. When we got back, it was all good though. We had a fun lesson with the Varela family later that nice. 
Wed Jul 23. Today we had quite a few visits and lessons, which was nice. I really enjoy just chatting with people. It really just makes missionary work fun! 
Thur Jul 24. Today was a bunch of running errands and then we had milanesas that were made of fish. That was probably the best fish I have had, but Im not a huge fish guy, so thats not saying a ton. We had a lot of lessons today fall through, but we have fun working now together, so its enjoyable. 
Fri Jul 25. Today we got the changes! I am headed to the Cerro Stake in Montevideo to the San Fernando ward. I will be with Elder Morales, who is from Monterrey Mexico. He is very quiet but I am excited. The area has not had success for a long time but I will see what we can do. Elder De La Cruz, who is from Spain but lives in Peru, will be the new secretary. 
I will leave the offices on Aug. 3rd after the charla fogonera. I will get to San Fernando late at night. So just one more week in the offices!

This week I have really recognized that I enjoy being a missionary. Its fun. We have a lot of good times. I enjoy Elder Castellanos, even though no one always sees eye to eye. We are always laughing and joking with each other. We enjoy lessons with people. We may not have had a baptism, and of course we could have always worked harder, but I love being a missionary and I am glad I am here! Of course I am excited to go work full time, in a huge area that has not had much success in the last couple years, but there is a strong ward waiting for me and I am ready to go help the members find their love for the gospel and missionary work! 

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