Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 46 - September 1, 2014

Hey Y`all!!!!!!!!!!! 
This week was quite a week. We had some nasty weather until Thursday with the tropical storms. Now its been warmer. A couple big events have happened though this week that I would like to share... 
Flor De Liz. This week we went to her house and I felt inspired to teach a lesson JUST about baptism. WE read the story of Christs baptism and we talked about it the whole time. At the end, I extended the baptismal challenge and she said she would like to be baptized. We are planning the 20th or the 27th of September. SWEET EH? 
We didnt have many lunches this week planned this past Tuesday. Only one day actually. However, we were super blessed and we didnt pay for lunch a single day! We feel like we are being more obedient and working harder, and the Lord is blessing us! 
We also gave a blessing to HErmano Conde, who was in bed with a nasty cold and he couldnt breath. We passed by to visit, and we gave him a blessing. The next day, the wife called us to tell us that he was completely fine after being sick for 4 days! Miracle of the Priesthood. 
Sonia who promised to come to church didnt come this week. That was super bumming. She treats us like her kids, because she doesnt have any. She fed us a super good asado, which is a bunch of meat for lunch one day. 
We did a small service of putting in a fence this week. The thing is that we did it in white shirts and ties. It was super fun actually. Then we saw 10 piglets that our mission leaders pig had!  
We had a ward activity saturday which meant a bunch of soccer. We played for two hours and it was super fun! 
We have been working with quite a couple families that are less active who are now coming to church consistently! Its amazing to see them progress! 
We found a couple from Chile this week who have family livng in Utah and they are members. This couple is SUPER nice and I love hearing them talk because they have a funky new accent. We have a lesson with them tomorrow! 
This week I tried something new for studies. I went through reading each chapter heading of the book of Mormon and I wrote what I got out of it on a paper. I ended up with 10 pages of notes, basically a big time line of the Book of Mormon. IT helped me internalize it a lot and I would recommend doing it! 
Elder Morales and I are still getting along pretty well! He told me that he has gotten along better with me than any other companion! 
This morning we played volleyball on the beach. SUPER FUN! I have pictures but I forgot my connector cord! Next WEEK! 

This is the last week of the change! I will have the information about the next change next week! I am excited to see what happens and either way, I will be pumped to keep working in San Fernando, with whoever it may be with. There is a lot of work to do! 

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