Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 50 - September 29, 2014

This week was quite a week. Let me first off by saying that I decided that I need to be a lot more humble, so I prayed to be humbled. Let me testify that our Heavenly Father answers our prayers. 
This week in my district meeting I decided to talk about finding more people. My district is doing great but we can definitely find more people to teach. I felt like I learned a lot from preparing the meeting and I felt like I definitely needed to apply it. I taught all about talking in every second of the day. We have nothing to lose as missionaries, but so much to gain. I really set a goal to talk to more and more people throughout the week and this week we talked to more people than I have ever talked to in any other week. However, that little prayer came back to humble me every single day. We talked with a lot of people but we have not a single new investigator this week. We almost always have quite a few but this week, when I talked to the most people, we had no success. I felt very humbled because I realized that the work is ALL in the Lords hands. I needed to understand that and realize that I need his help, and I need to be humble and rely on His guidance to find people to teach that are already prepared. 
Apart from that, we had a ton of rain this week. We got stuck in a hail storm too and we ran to a bus stop to get some cover. We decided that it wasnt ending any soon and we were already soaked from head to toe, so we finished the nice couple kilometers to the house we were going to. We got to the house and they were surrounded by a moat of water. They let us in though and treated us nice. 
We worked one day this week with a stake counselor, and it went alright, but he left a lot earlier than what we had planned because he wanted to see his daughter, who lived close. 
To end a hard week, we got to go to the temple. I was able to confirm people and watch some baptisms. It was great. I loved it just because I was having a hard time and I needed to sit down and think for a while. There isnt a more peaceful than the temple. On Sunday we had the primary program and it was precious. I love the primary programs. One little 8 year old kid played the violin and did VERY well. He impressed me, but then he got shy and forgot the memorized music, and ran off the stage. 
Tomorrow we have interviews with President. I am excited to talk to President and he wants me to teach him the Doctrine of Christ lesson because we have had a lot of success with it. I am pretty stoked to learn from him. Its going to be great. 
The thing I am most excited about this week is General Conference. I cant wait and I hope we can get a lot of people we are teaching to go! I would love your help through prayers! 

I am doing great! Dont worry about me! I am just learning to submit myself to the hands of our Heavenly Father! 
I love you all a ton! Love Elder Cordy

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