Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 47 - September 8, 2014

Today I complete 11 months in the mission!! Thats crazy. TIME FLIES 
The big news of the week is that this week is CHANGES! I will be staying in Cerro San Fernando with Elder Morales, and I will be serving as district leader. Big news of the mission is that we split 3 of the zones to make 13 zones in total! Our zone is called Cerro Norte. I will be serving with Elder Devashrayee as my ZL and the other DL in the zone is Elder Baggett, my BEST FRIEND! Thats pretty awesome isnt it?! I am super stoked to see the kid and give him a giant hug. 

This week was pretty good. Last week we played sand volleyball at the beach with the whole zone, the funnest pday that Ive had so far! Today we just got back from the temple! Our zone had special permission to go. 
The Hermanas had a baptism this week and it was really good! 
Mom found a pic of me and Elder Morales at our zone conference on the mission Facebook. That zone conference was awesome! We talked about the doctrine of Christ again, and I loved it, again. Its awesome to be able to teach the basics and really people understand it. We see the results in our area too. After the zone conference we went to the fortaleza in Cerro to take pictures with the zone and President. 
This week was harder with our amount of time with the zone conference and services. We painted the cielings of a home one day and it was super fun. Then that same afternoon I was called to be the Zone English teacher... yeah weird right? So basically whenever anyone from San Jose wants to come to my weekly English classes from the area, they can. 7pm on Fridays. You are all invited. I will be teaching basic and advanced English :) 
Fast Sunday this Sunday was especially awesome. I couldnt tell you exactly why, but it was awesome! Just a great spirit. 
Jonathan and Flor de Liz - Jonathan, Flors son, had a bad weekend. After not drinking for 4 months, he fell into temptation again and Flor was a mess. She didnt want to do much of anything. We helped her out a lot though and she is doing great now that Jonathan has asked forgiveness and they talked about it. 
Karen and Claudio - We visited Karen this week without Claudio home. It was a great lesson because Karen actually talked instead of just Claudio the whole time. 
Felipe and Joseline - Are progressing! They are praying and reading the Book of Mormon. They said they listened a bit to missionaries in Chile but they didnt understand much. They say they understand everything now! We are super stoked about them! 

I am super excited to serve as District Leader in the same zone as Elder Baggett, the other DL. It will be a fun change! We are going to have a baptism this change. I can feel it! We just gotta work harder and do more! 

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