Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 52 - October 13, 2014

Hey everyone! This week was pretty tough but I have loved it too. I really have grown a lot here in talking to people. I didnt talk to that many people in the offices but this change I have really changed the way that I work as a missionary and I think it will help out in the long rong, even though we arent seeing immediate results. I have been studying diligence lately too...
This week was very humbling. We had quite a bunch of AWESOME lessons. I felt like we were going to have a lot of people in church. Investigators and less actives. However, we hardly saw anyone, even though they promised. I talked to a returned missionary after church because he realized I was down. He helped me out a lot. I have realized how awesome returned missionaries are in this area.. Its been pretty tough to see that our hard work doesnt do much. It just has to be the right time for the people and the Lord. I did do divisions this week with our ZL Elder Devashrayee. He is from Utah and is a stud (Weird how that happens haha). No but he is awesome. We had two new people that day that were both awesome. Miracles happen on divisions. I feel like I can speak pretty darn well when I get around other gringos. Hopefully my Latino comp trend can keep going. 
I have grown my testimony about the atonement and prophets this week after really studying general conference. I feel like there is so much we can repent for everyday and we can only become better and truly be clean through the atonement of Christ. 
My One year mark wasnt anything too crazy. I woke up to my alarm at 6:30, prayed, and then I got a call from Elder Brown. It was fun to talk to him after a while. The only other thing we did for the year was make pizzas after we got home. They turned out super well. 
This week we had crazy weather. Its getting super humid and its been all over the place in terms of weather. We had rain, super hot heat, hail, and super crazy wind. I am getting pretty dark now and I still have all of summer to come!!! I love the missionary tan on the neck too. Its pretty sweet. I bought a white watch this week for super cheap and I will be rocking it too. It looks good with short sleeve shirts :) 
This is the last full week of changes! Next week I will talk to you on Tuesday and have the information about my changes! I dont want to say what I am wishing for to jinx it but I will say that I am super proud of my boy Elder Libby in Juiz de Fora, Brasil! What a babe. 
I have had a lot of fun with Elder Morales. We have become super good friends. He actually might be the first comp that can ligetimately visit me after the mission, and maybe it will happen! 
I want to thank all of the Texas Longhorn fans going to the game and supporting my boys. What troopers. 
I also want to wish Eli Cordy a happy birthday tomorrow! I love you stud! 
Thanks for all your support and prayers! I could use them again this week! :)  
I love you all! 
Elder Cordy

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