Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 53 - October 20, 2014

Good morning to everyone!!!!! This week was AWESOME! 

I have been informed this past week by President Smith that I will be training a new missionary (aka oro) this change! Elder Morales is headed to Rivera and I will pick up my son tomorrow in Carrasco!!! I am SUPER STOKED. I dont know if you guys really understand how pumped I am! The other wonderful part is that I will be training the same time as Elder Baggett! Elder Baggett and I will head to the mission home tomorrow morning to meet our kids! We will be making Cerro one zone once again, and I will be one of the other District Leaders with Elder Ramos and Elder Clark. I am SO PUMPED! 

Alright so this week... we had Virginia come to church! She has a baptismal date for November 8th and she is super excited to be baptized! Angelina is progressing well but next week she will have a surgery and we wont be able to visit her as often and I doubt she will be able to go to church. This week is the votings for President of Uruguay and its a law that we cant have public meetings on Sunday so church is cancelled. Yeah its weird... Felipe and Jocelyn are doing great. They want to get baptized and are working on finding new work opportunities so they can go to church! They are awesome. 

This week we had a lot of good byes for Elder Morales and we ate a lot of food. We made tacos one night that were bomb and Elder Morales and i were the only ones that ate the spicy salsa we brought. Elder Morales has been bad mouthing me lately and so I challenged him to a wrestling match. He boxed so he had a high head and hopes. I have a video of me and him wrestling. Lets just say any wrestler beats a boxer in a wrestling match. 

This week we taught the Doctrine of Christ three times in one day. It was one of the coolest days ever. I want to teach you all the Doctrine of Christ lesson when we call in Christmas. Other cool thought is you will get to meet my son from the mission and talk to him a bit! We will see if he is latino or gringo tomorrow! 

This week I gave a lot of blessings on short notice. It was super cool to just be so trusted by many people to change and bless people. We blessed one man who is about mid twentys. He is a drug addict. He cant walk, talk, or do anything right honestly. His mother is a strong member and she has another son on a mission. It was a giant testimony to me of the gospel and the difference it makes in lives. Other experience this week, we were walking and this man on a moto crossed the busy street and headed right toward us. He was slowing down. He started to fall over and I ran over to catch him. He thanked me a lot and I could immediately smell that he had been drinking. We talked to him for a while and he told us all about his sad life story. We got his address and we will visit him some time! 

The gospel is so true. It makes me sick to see the people that are so blessed to have these truths right in front of them and not be able to understand and love the teachings! Alma 5:7 has been one of my favorite scriptures on the mission. I only know it in Spanish though. It says that Jesus Christ is the one that changes the hearts of men. I could explain the rest in English but I think it sounds better in Spanish so I wont. Many people are sleeping. Members, less actives, people who dont know about Jesus Christ, etc. We need to wake up. We have the truth. SHARE IT! 

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! 

Love Elder Cordy

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