Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 54- October 27, 2014

Hello to everyone!!!! This week was the first week as being a trainer!

Lets see... My companion is Elder Cline from Utah. He is pretty awesome honestly. He is one day older than me but he just graduated this year. He is excited to be here and work hard. The trip to Montevideo to go pick him up was great. I took a bunch of pictures and we had a great time with all the trainers. When we met eachother, we just took a quick pic and then headed to the temple. It was great. We had a full session. President and I had a good talk in the temple too. I totally admire that man. My kid is doing great for the first week in the mission. Not home sick or anything. He definitely needs to learn Spanish though. After the very first lesson he said "Yeah we definitely need to speak more Spanish." I am glad that he recognizes it. I like it honestly. I get to teach a LOT and its cool to see someone get here and totally depend on me and the Lord to get through. We have done quite a lot of talking to people on the street too. I want him to be the best missionary ever and I am doing what I can so he can be it! 

I am still serving as District leader. I have ten missionaries in my district. Its super fun. I love the district. Its weird though because all but 2 are older than me. We have quite an old district. 

This week with our investigators... 
Virginia is super stoked about her baptism. She asked if I would baptize her and of course I was more than happy to! We are still planning on that on November 8th. 
Angelina is having a surgery this week to drop weight. So she will be idle for a couple weeks. 
Felipe and Jocelyn are doing great too. They just need to go to church.
ABSOLUTE THROW BALL of the week was that we had votings for President in the country. Apparently some times it gets bad, so therefore we had NO church and President Smith told all the missionaries to stay in our house ALL DAY on Sunday. It was super weird and I felt like such a bad missionary just sitting in the house. We ate a lot of food though so that was great. We played soccer and catch with a tennis ball all day and that kept us busy. The funny thing is that there is many parties in the votings. To win, a party has to have 50% or more of the votes. There are two parties that are now going to the finals the 30th of November so we might have to stay in the house again that day. 

Pretty awesome week though! I have missed Speaking spanish all of the time and honestly I have realized how many spanish words I use even when i speak english. I have used my dictionary more to look up english words than Spanish words this week. I love being a missionary. Its pretty dang awesome. 

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