Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 62- December 22, 2014


This week was a big week because we had the big Christmas Choir Presentation. We had practices every single day and we had the presentation on Sunday night. It was super awesome. I had a hard time going to practices every day but it was worth it. I got to direct a couple songs in the presentation and that was super awesome. I also sang in a small group of five that was fun to be a part of just because everyone knew music. I got a lot of comments after the presentation from people in my ward because I got super into the directing. 
We had a couple sweet things happen this week. 
Daniela and Alejandro went to the temple just to look at it and be there. They ended up buying about half of the distribution center. They are super nice and love having us over. 
Valentina is a recent convert that totally doesnt want anything to do with the church. We just went to visit her this week in the first time in a while because I got my head almost ripped off the last time. I really enjoyed this visit though. We taught about Gods love for us and it was super awesome. She had a friend over and she wanted him to talk to us. 
I had another baptismal interview this week with a girl that I was able to teach twice doing divisions. She was awesome. She knew everything about what the missionaries had taught her. 
We taught English and Math two different people this week. Everyone is going through their last tests for the year and they had some gringos come and help them.... vamo arriba America. 
Romina Medero got home from her mission this week in Neuquen Argentina. She doesnt know Elder Opfar but she is an amazing missionary! We worked with her two different days this week. Its weird to think that there is life after the mission... 
We had a cool experience to give one of the hermanas in my ward a blessing. Hermana Diaz was having tooth pains bad and she was freaking out about it. We offered to give her a blessing and she asked me to do it. Blessings really do work with faith! 

Biggest thing I have learned this week: Love and Sacrifice go together. There is no love without sacrifice. There is no sacrifice without love. As we serve and sacrifice for people, we grow to love them. As we love people, we have a greater desire to sacrifice for them. Something cool to think about. What have you sacrificed for those that you love? 

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