Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 67 - January 26, 2015

Hello everyone! I am writing from Montevideo today. We left Rivera last night at midnight and got here at 7 this morning so Elder Adasme can sign some papers to be legal in this country. We will spend Pday here in Montevideo and take the nice 7 hour bus ride home later today. 
This week was pretty good! We had a Family Home Evening on Monday where we taught a parable in D&C 101. We compared it to missionary work and we invited the two families that were there to leave with us during the week to be able to help us in the work. 
This week we had a random zone meeting that was called one day before it actually happened. We learned about obedience and things that we can do specifically better in Rivera. I feel like I miss Cerro still but I am starting to grow a love towards Rivera! We went to Brasil and went grocery shopping for super cheap. My Portuguese doesnt sound too great but I can understand a lot. I am slowly learning words and vocabulary but I just need to be able to put it all together! I feel like I am a newbie again when we cross over to Brasil. We do have a couple members in the ward from Brasil though and they just speak portuguese.
This week we had a couple funny encounters. We found Yolanda who has listened to the missionaries before but is a little bit crazy. She accepted the baptismal compromise at the end of the first lesson though but we didnt feel like it was time for her to have a baptismal date. On Sunday we passed by her house to go to church and she said she couldnt go but her grandson wanted to go so we took him! It totally surprised us but it worked out nice! Maria and Carlos were digging out two trees from their front yard. We passed by and offered to help them. We ended up spending a while there digging out trees and dragging them to the field across the street. It was super fun! Solis has been progressing towards baptism but this week he was super sick. We gave him a priesthood blessing and he said he was feeling a lot better. We will check with him tomorrow to see how he is doing. 
This week in church I got to play piano! That is keeping my streak alive for playing in every ward! I really love the active members here. There are TONS of less and non active members though. Its crazy what an understanding of the gospel can do for you and your life! 
The greatest treasure I will bring off of my mission will be my understanding of the Gospel and the Doctrine of Christ. 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Remember who is most important to you and express your love to them! 

A couple great quotes I heard this week:
"True doctrine understood changes behavior."
"You can always better your best"
"The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement"

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