Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 69 - February 9, 2015

This week was a pretty humbling week. We had quite a few ups and downs but its all a part of the work! Jeffrey R Holland said that when we are rejected, we are shoulder to shoulder to the best misionary who has ever been on this earth, the most pure and perfect being ever. Even our Savior Jesus Christ. I sure felt that this week. 

We had a baptism planned for this week. While I was on divisions with the comp of our District Leader, I got a call from my companion. He told me that the interview was still going on after 2 hours. After it was all said and done, our investigator had to wait another month before he could be baptized because he had broken the law of chastity a while ago. My companion told him that and he didnt want to wait any longer. He said he didnt want to be baptized at all. The most frustrating part is that he said he couldnt wait any longer as if he wanted to have relations again, even though we had explained MANY times that he could never have relations until he got married. Theres that...
We visited Mario who is an inactive member. He told us that he didnt go to church anymore because the wards split and they shouldnt do that because we are all brothers and sisters. We explained everything greatly to him though but we have to respect his ability to choose. 
Two great things happened: We got a new ward mission leader who is a CHAMP. I love him. He is my favorite member of the ward. So that was pretty awesome. Then we had a lesson with a lady who hasnt been to church for over 6 years. She committed to go to church this next week. (We visited her Sunday evening.) 
We had two service activities this week, one was digging a poso negro, which is a 2 meter deep hole. We dug one meter so far and we will finish it this week. Then we helped a family that is investigating move in. They are great but they smoke a lot... 
We contacted a lot this week because we just need new investigators. One day we walked for four straight hours just talking to people. It was pretty fun but pretty humbling because we only got 3 set lessons and no one let us in. 
I was blessed enough to be able to speak in church on Sunday though. I talked about missionary work and basically talked about how the members are the missionaries and not us. I feel like I can talk forever now. I talked for 20 minutes and just had my scriptures with me. I know I wouldnt have imagined that two years ago in the States. 

Quote of the week:
"A big man show his bigness by how he treats little people"

Today I have been a missionary for 16 months exactly! Its crazy to think how the time flies and that I only have 1/3 of my mission left! I love the mission! 

Shoutouts of the week! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (on the 14th) Grandma Hickey! I love you! 
Isaac Cordy for getting into BYU Hawaii and moving on to the Regional wrestling tournament.
My old man who is officially 45! 
Elder Sanderson who is back in Uruguay!!!! 

I love you all for your amazing support! Thanks for everything! Please pray for my companion and I so that we will be able to have a great week and find new people to teach! Thank you! 

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