Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 68 - February 2, 2015

Hello everyone! This week we had some pretty high highs and a couple low lows. We learn from all of it though! 

First off, I want to with my old man a happy birthday this Friday. I am so grateful for you dad and your wonderful example which has helped me be the missionary that I am today! I love you so much! 
Well on Tuesday I cut my own hair. It looked pretty darn good but I could even it out well on the back so I asked me companion for some help. MISTAKE. He took the clippers to my head without any guards and gave me a nice short cut. I have some really short hair now. I have pictures but I cant send them on this computer! Sorry! 
We visited Yolanda and she basically turned away from us. She got a talk from her pastor in the evangelic church. She basically said that she didnt believe in anything besides Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. It was a frustrating lesson. 
An awesome miracle that we had this week though is the fruits of a wonderful spiritual lesson last week with a less active. We taught Marcelo about faith and with just a deep doctrinal conversation, he found the will and courage to stop smoking. He smoked 15 cigarrettes on Saturday, 10 on Sunday, and he stopped on Monday. Now he is a week in and still hasnt smoked anything. He is AWESOME! 
Solis had a hard week last week and was going to get baptized this past week, but we felt like he could use another week of preparation. So WE WILL BAPTIZE HIM THIS WEEK! 
Lunches with members have gotten a lot better this week, but I had to spend a solid amount of personal money because I was the only elder in our house that had money left. I bought lunch for four Elders three days this week. We got money today though! 
We are having a talent show in two weeks in our ward. I need ideas from you all! I am thinking about singing, dancing, or playing piano. I would love thoughts though! 
Just today we went and played volleyball as a zone and then we went to eat. I bought some 5 dollar fake Oakleys. Elder Adasme and I met two missionaries in Brasil who are serving there. They talked to us in Portuguese. I was able to understand but I cant talk in Portuguese still. I can understand a solid amount though! its pretty awesome! 
Rivera is changing a lot. We have had a couple problems with a couple missionaries, but this week just changed a lot. We are a lot more united and we are getting people to understand humility and repentance! Rivera is ZION. 

I love you all so much! I hope that you are doing what the prophets have told us to so you can keep progressing as a member! Read the scriptures daily, pray very often, have family home evening weekly and attend the temple regularly! I know that is the best way that a member can keep progressing! 

Favorite quote of the week: "You can often gauge a mans ambition by whether he hates is alarm clock or considers it his best friend" -Thomas Edison. 

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