Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 71 - February 24, 2015

Transfers are tomorrow and I am leaving! I will be headed to Salto in the Obelisco ward. I will be with Elder Huntsman from The Woodlands, TEXAS. He is actually from Utah but he lives in Texas now. He just finished his training so that will be interesting. I am just getting a ton of new companions! Tomorrow I am taking a bus in Brazil to go to Quarari, which is another city in Brazil. From there I will take another bus to Salto. I am excited to go buy a brazilian bus ticket and see if I dont get lost by myself in Brazil!

This week was crazy because of our companions. My companion was Leandro Rodriguez who is from Cerro Montevideo. Elder Adasme was with a kid from Rivera. They were both 16. We got them to open our area and we talked to a TON of people during this week. It was super fun and made me grateful for members and their references! Leandro was super fun though. He was quiet but he got more and more relaxed as the week went on. 

We had a couple crazy events this week:
1. Talent show - The talent show this week was awesome. it was so much fun! We had a ton of people participate. It was super fun too because we did two dances. One was choreographied pretty legitly and we practiced a lot. The other song was one that we got EVERYONE to dance too. It was super awesome! 
2. Conference in Tacuaremb├▓ - We had a conference with President Smith and Elder Vi├▒as this week from the 70. I got to see Elder Baggett, Elder Woodcock, and Elder Sanderson who just got back to Uruguay! It was so awesome to see them. They let us watch Meet the Mormons which was super awesome! I loved it. I felt a rollercoaster of feelings though. I was super stoked watching the Navy football part, I got scared a bit when I saw the boxer mom from Costa Rica. I cried when I watched the part of Elder Armstrong going to South Africa. I was laughing the whole time too. It was a really good movie. 
3. Goodbye Parties! Elder Lima finished the mission and went home to Brazil yesterday. Elder Adasme is going to Colonia. We had some legit goodbye parties. We didnt expect 3 of the 4 Elders to leave so we got a lot of cake because of it. On Sunday we all three got to speak in church. I got to teach primary too! that was a first! 

Honestly this week was really fun but I wasnt expecting to leave at all! I am excited to go to Salto but I will miss Rivera a lot! I dont feel as connected as I did in my last area after the 6 months I had there. Other awesome thing is I will be with my son Elder Cline in Salto too! 

Lead by example! I have realized lately that you dont have to be a called leader to lead. Anyone can be a leader but its all in your example! 

I love you all so much! I hope everyone is doing great! Its crazy to think that I will be arriving home 7 months from TODAY! Thanks for all of your support! 

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