Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 79 - April 27, 2015

This week was INCREDIBLE. Honestly one of the best working weeks in my mission. I dont know if I have ever felt such an incredible love for the work as I do right now. I love it so much that I am nervous and kind of scared to go back to the real world! 

This last Monday night we left Salto to go to Montevideo for a giant conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks, one of the twelve apostles. It was incredible. I was chosen as one of the 10 Elders in our mission to be in the choir and I loved it. When we sang our song, Hermana Smith was crying and Elder Oaks said "that was absolutely wonderful" when I passed him on the stand! A couple things that Elder Oaks talked a lot about were that the mission is not the last goal of our life, that exaltation is. Then he went on a marriage tangent for a while :) I really loved how he highlighted the importance of obedience too. He talked about how we need to balance all of the responsiblities that we will have after the mission. But that is AFTER the mission. NOW IS NOW! We have to enjoy the mission and concentrate all of ourselves to this sacred calling. 
The bus rides to and from Montevideo were super fun! We went with Artigas and I got to talk to a lot of awesome friends that I have made during my mission. It was great to catch up! I talked to the Elders in Brasil too and I got excited about learning portuguese again but I doubt that I will head there now! I still have a goal to learn portuguese! 
The day after the conference the Hermanas in my district wouldnt answer their phone. I had told them to text me when they got home at 12:30 at night but they never did... I couldnt go out to see if they were out but I was really worried about them! The next day they still wouldnt answer so we went to their house during studies to see if they were alright. They were doing great but they had lost their phone. So we made a few calls and hooked them up with a new phone! It was quite a freak out moment though! 
Today we are going to the doctor again to see the results of a Ultrasound that they did on my comp on his back. They still have no idea what it is but we will see later today! 

This week was AWESOME in the work. We found 3 new people while we were with members and then we gave 3 people a baptismal date! Its going to be pretty awesome to have 3 baptisms! We had over 100 people in church again which was good! We are starting to do something else this week. We are contacting all of the members on the ward list and teaching all of them. That way we can get less actives back to church, complete part member families, and get a lot more references from different people all around! I hope keeps working because it worked AMAZINGLY this week! 

Seriously the mission is incredible. I can not think of anything better that I could be doing right now. 2 years is a long time but that is the only way that people can truly change! I love the gospel, my Savior Jesus Christ, and I love teaching that to EVERYONE! 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

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