Elder Mitchel Cordy

Elder Mitchel Cordy

Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 80 - May 4, 2015

Well hey everyone! A little bit of everything happened this week...

A couple awesome things that happened this week; 
I finished the book Jesus the Christ! Ridiculously cool book! 
The key indicators in our mission officially changed and we only count the amount of new investigators that we find while working with members every day. 
I did an interview this week for the Hermanas in my district. A cute little girl who was really smart! I am loving the zone here! We have some of the best missionaries who are working super hard!

Winter finally has come! We had a HUGE rainstorm one day. Literally the streets were like rivers. We got SOAKED even though we had waterproof boots, big jackets and umbrellas! After the giant rainstorm It got really cold! Ive been wearing a sweater since!
Skype is going to be awesome! 

This week my comp and I had a companionship inventory that really fixed a lot of things and we are doing pretty good now! 

This week I had some awesome studies. I got a talk that is called "Beginning with the end in mind" by Elder Russell M Nelson. It was a really good talk and it explains how the final goal should be the temple, not baptism! When we talk to people in the street, we should imagine them with white clothes on. But the white clothes in the temple, not the white clothes of baptism! I really loved that! 
I also was listening to Elder D Todd Christoffersons talk from this last general conference. He says one line that I LOVE! He says that many things are good, many are important, but few things are essential. I made a list of things in all three categories and its really cool to think about what the essential things are in our lives, according to our final goal. 

I did divisions with Elder Teloma, who should be famous in the history of my mission. We have been in the same zone for 11 of my 13 changes. That has to be a record. The last time we did divisions I was his DL and he was a senior comp. Now he is my ZL and I am a DL (still)... If I am DL next change I think I will break the record of longest time as DL in our mission! Elder Teloma is a stud. I really respect him a lot and I love to be able to listen to other missionaries teach. We had a crazy awesome day together in my area! 

This past Friday was basically Labors day here. No one worked. We had a crazy awesome day and we just contacted like crazy. We got denied a lot but everyone was making food so we got fed well!! 

I got to go to gospel doctrine this week with a new couple we just found this week who are new members here. The teacher was super awesome and It made me wonder how my dads gospel doctrine classes are! I cant wait to find out! 

The mission is so awesome. I can not explain how much I love being a missionary. Its so cool being able to share the gospel every single day! I am so grateful for this sacred time I have here! I am so grateful to be able to learn constantly and understand Heavenly Fathers plan for me! 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

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